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The AFROPUNK After Effect

AfroPunk 2018 Photo Cred: The Rap Hippies

There is much to say about this festival. It’s truly in a league of its one and in competition with none. AfroPunk is a touring festival that really brings out the eclectic audience and highlights the beauty of the the new age “hippy”. Imagine if Woodstock celebrated  people, positive energy and gave you an exhilarating vibe in this new age we live in. This is what you would get. Afropunk Atlanta seems to bring a different kind of niche though. There is no grassy green lawn to sit on but we end up seeing people laying on their vibrant blankets placed on concrete and waiting for the next act. It’s a scene we’ve yet to see at any festival. 

AfroPunk 2018 Photo Cred: The Rap Hippies

In a time where love is needed more than ever, Afropunk celebrates every sector of diversity to the highest magnitude. The festival encourages every race, gender and sexuality to embrace themselves in this music heavy safe space.  Besides the ambiance there were some amazing musical acts that we had the pleasure of experiencing. We use the word experience because that’s what this whole weekend felt like. Not just a regular festival. 

Afropunk doesn’t host the usual crowd goers. These people breathe music in the most eccentric way. We took time to appreciate the free spirit that the festival encourages. People with flamboyant outfits and hair flooded the grounds and showing love in every direction. From people laughing with strangers they just met to dancing to their favorite Goldlink track that the DJ just played, this festival just embodied unity. 

Afropunk brings so many acts that range in diversity from Death Grip, Benjamin Booker, The Txlips Band, The Internet, Pusha T, Sango, and N.E.R.D who announced Afropunk Atlanta to be there last performance of 2018.

Pharrell Williams Photo Cred: The Rap Hippies

Now let’s talk about this N.E.R.D performance. Whoa. Sometimes you don’t realize how many hits someone has until they get on stage but N.E.R.D will remind you! These days people have that saying “Keep that same energy”, well they did that the entire set. On top of that Pharrell was very expressive of his political stance and being black and standing for something. Pharrell Continued to ssy AfroPunk is something we need ! N.E.R.Ds set had to be the best of the two day festival Accompanied by official N.E.R.D dancers, the band had explosive energy performing new songs like Lemon to their classics like Rockstar. Pharrell and Shay  jumped all over the stage giving the crowd the same energy they displayed with Chad in the back DJ’ing. This was just Day 1. 

Noname Photo Cred: The Rap Hippies

The next day we witnessed greatness from acts like The Txlips, Vanjess and Joi that let their #blackgirlmagic spread. Later on in the day the shy yet amazing poetic rapper, Noname, graced the staged with her child like humbleness but this is hands down one of our favorites. She tells the darkest stories over the most beautiful beats, the crowd loved it. If you haven’t given her a listen yet IT’S A MUST. 

Pusha T Photo Cred: The Rap Hippies


Pusha T also hit the stage with his hard hitting Daytona tracks and continued to keep the crowd going with other notable songs like Nosetalgia and Grindin’. Other acts like The Internet and Kaytranada were a great way to close out the night. They provided trance like melodies that catered to the vibe for the night. Wow. 

This was our first time at Afropunk but certainly won’t be the last. There’s so much love here, why would you want to be anywhere else? 

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