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The Nostalgia Complex (a3c 2018 Recap)

Supportive, sincere and special. These are the words we would use to describe this years a3c festival. So much positivity and thoughtfulness went into the curation for this years experience that in some ways you can’t put into words, but I’ll try.

Supportive. We are a local media collective and we love to network and have managed to do a lot of it over the years. In our journey to get where we are today we have met people that are just as passionate about the culture as we are. With that being said it was only right to support them while they had an opportunity to be apart of this annual experience. People like Teaacup and other groups like the All Black Congress and Care Free Black Girl all have become like our indirect family in this Atlanta circuit and they all had great events to share with everyone. Support is important in this game not only to be genuine but because we know the importance of it. All of them put on great events that contributed to our great experience.

Sincere. We also ventured to a couple of panels that were not just informative but had the most genuine feeling we have felt with speakers in quite some time. As a media/press company we thought it was important to stop by Rob Stone’s (Co-Founder) conversation to not only listen to his triumphs but also his tribulations along the way. The adversity he went through to get where he is, is inspiring. No, things are not always going to be glamorous and you will slip and fall but as Rob put it “Everyone has their sh*t and if you put yours in a bag in the middle with everyone else’s, you better hope to get your sh*t back. You never know what someone else is dealing with” He have a great speech on adapting and overcoming that I’m sure motivated the room.

Wu-Tang not only has a sea of members but also holds a very special member that might be close to a genius in some ways. Rza sat down to share his knowledge with an audience about kinetic energy, different personalities of the wu and his life story. Rza was born this way. He shared stories of being a young man and instead of going outside wanting to study quantum physics. See the thing about sincerity is embracing your true self. Rza is very intelligent but has the balance to sing “Bring the mothf*ckin’ Ruckus.” All at the same time.



Special. After the prolific conversations with some movers and shakers in hip hop media, it’s was time for the main attractions. There were many great performances from J.I.D ( the next Kendrick, yes we’re claiming it now) , Deante Hitchcock who is steadily rising, PRhyme, Young M.A, Mannie Fresh and ton of others. The crowd was gravitated heavily towards the 3 catalyst of the weekend Wu-Tang, Lil Wayne and Dipset.

Let’s start with Wu-Tang. The energy was on 10 the entire set and we’ll tell you why.ODB might have met an untimely death years ago but his son must have been created in a lab. He is a spitting image of him mind, body and spirit. It was great to watch. Everyone was there from Method Man with the energy, Raekwon with the grit and Ghostface with the bars. Every member was exactly how we remembered!

Another set that  had people ready to throw on their Timbs and grab their pink du-rag was Dipset.Cam’Ron kicked things off with songs like Down and Out then Jim Jones joined him on stage with hits like G’s Up and finally the young gunner Julez Santana popped on stage and you kind of heard a sigh of relief from the crowd given his legal trouble as of late. The team of 3 accompanied by the charismatic Freeky Zeky took the stage giving everyone an early 2000s time warp. Dip Set!!!


Call it kismet but a3c booked and announced Lil Wayne months ago. They probably had no idea he was about to drop the most anticipated album of the year, a week before the festival. Clutch! He hit the stage with such high energy it was amazing. Although it was cut a little short, we saw Wayne! We were there!

The weekend was one for the record books and shout out to everyone that played a huge part. Some of our friends like Yusuf, Cidnee, Prima and more!!! Y’all killed it and thank you for providing not only the vibes but sparking something in everyone in some way shape or form. See you next year!

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