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Interview with Actor Lance Reddick from Monster Party

RLJE Films released the horror/thriller Monster Party from writer/director Chris Von Hoffmann (Drifter). The film stars Julian McMahon (“Nip/Tuck”), Robin Tunney (The Craft, “The Mentalist”), Sam Strike (Leatherface), Erin Moriarty (Blood Father), Lance Reddick (John Wick, “Fringe”), Brandon Micheal Hall (“Search Party”), Virginia Gardner (Project Almanac), and Diego Boneta (“Scream Queens”). RLJE Films released the film nationally in theaters, VOD and Digital HD on Nov. 2, 2018.

The film is about three thieves who plan a heist posing as waiters at an upscale Malibu mansion dinner party with the hopes of paying off a debt that must be repaid immediately. When their plan goes horribly wrong, the trio realizes the dinner guests are not as innocent as they seem and their simple cash grab becomes a violent and desperate battle to get out of the house alive.

Jae Monique: Tell me about your character on Monster Party.

Lance Reddick: I play the head of the society of serial killers who are in recovery trying to not do that anymore. When these kids come into the party and do what they do, things kind of go wrong. Basically, things get out of control.

JM: What was your favorite part about this character?

Reddick: He’s the head of a bunch of murderers. He’s like a maniac. He’s a psychopath himself. What I loved about it was kind of chewing on the language and getting into the psychology of someone who has no fear and loves controlling and manipulating other people. His whole thing, which is a part of his huge ego, is to control anything–to control his own urges and he can control other people’s urges. That was what was really cool.

JM: How did you prepare for this role?

Reddick: It was just reading the script over and over again. I’ve read a couple of books on psychopaths in the past because I was just kind of fascinated. It’s the notion that psychopathy is on a scale. So you can be on the low end or the high end.

JM: What’s your next upcoming project?

Reddick: We’re almost finished shooting season 5 of Bosch, season 2 of Corporate which comes out sometime next year. John Wick 3 comes out at the end of next spring. Angel Has Fallen was shot early this spring so that comes out next year. Those are the big ones.


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