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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Parisian Jazzboy paints pastel-neon panoramas on ‘Jesus Jazz’ EP

JAZZBOY, a solo leftfield Parisian psych-pop artist, paints bright neon panoramas with pastels of electronic synthesis in his instrumentation and vocoded vocals, while incorporating some of the spirit of Art-Rock. Since already establishing some strong support on previous singles ‘Harlem’ and ‘Bored in Bora Bora’, Jazzboy now goes on to release his debut EP ‘Jesus Jazz’.

The not-quite-album, not-quite-EP, opens with title-track and lead-single – apt to the artist’s moniker – with infectious swinging rhythm in the percussion parts as well as in the syncopation of melodies from the instrumentation. As the listener, you lose yourself in this track, which follows little-to-no-pattern, and merely evolves as we bounce through an endless apricot landscape.

‘Romeo’ opens with minor tonalities, and it follows a more traditional pop-path than ‘Jesus Jazz’, however, it still draws unorthodox themes and yet, it maintains a captivating, catchy chorus. Heavy chain-clinks throughout the composition and a slower pace exhibits a struggle for Jazzboy as he dolefully laments; ‘Romeo’.

The fourth track of the EP is the pulsating ‘Just Like We Did It (Dr1gs)’, which can evoke thoughts of early John Maus-esque glitch synthesisers and upbeat nature, yet carrying a classification of its own, further incorporating ‘90’s Hardcore snare drums – pitched to perfection for the innovative sound of Jazzboy. Around the bridge we get a heavily Jazz-influenced solo on the organ-sounding synthesiser from the Parisian, finally encompassing the spirit of his sobriquet into the track.

Here’s what Jazzboy had to say about the EP: “I crafted Jesus Jazz like a children’s book really. It’s not that long, not that short. It’s an imagined night tale with simple ideas of happiness, awakening, freedom and death. It asks simple questions without formulating any answers. I actually genuinely wish it is child-friendly in a way, like a modern digital tale or something…”

“The work sounds like a gloomy electronic opera in which the main character would seek answers to death through music. Something dramatic and yet terribly playful. Something different.”

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