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Published on November 11th, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


The Averys Host a Delectable Evening in Atlanta

If you ever reminisce on those family moments at the dinner table where everything is discussed, and nothing but uncensored laughs are heard, then you might be interested in checking out Dinner With the Averys Podcast. The podcast stars DJ Holiday his wife, Ebony, also known as The Averys, were there to bring on different guests and talk about everything under the sun all while munching on an exquisitely prepared dinner every time. The show’s executive producer is Raven, who is also the founder of the entertainment media collective, JagurlTV.

On Thursday, November 9th The Averys decided to take the show to another level, by hosting their very first live podcast with a live studio audience. The show took place at a private venue in Atlanta, where audience participants had the opportunity to purchase tickets to this exclusive event. The Averys were not alone. The couple brought on a second couple whom they have a close history with, recording artist Lil Scrappy and his wife Bambi, to accompany them, as seen on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.Conversations swayed from talking about Lil Scrappy’s and Bambi’s new baby boy to discussing the teacher in California who ended up fighting his student. With each topic, the fun continued and the audience participation never stopped. A few well known up and coming names also decided to make an appearance in the audience, such as Wild N Out’s comedian, B Simone.

“I always told Ebony if I wasn’t into all this DJ stuff, I’d be a chef,” said DJ Holiday when the topic of cooking came up, to which we soon found out DJ Holiday is an unofficial master chef in his own right. But, no he doesn’t prepare the meals you always see and hear about on their Instagram page.A regular on the show, Chef John, and guest Chef Robert Butts prepared the entire menu for the night, including the dinner for the Avery’s and the VIP guests. From the looks of satisfaction in the faces and the testimonies of the Avery’s it is clear they keep using Chef John for a reason.“Hopefully this will be the first of many more,” were some of Ebony’s first statements right when the podcast first went live, to speak on possibly having more live recording shows in the future.

The night was full of laughter, games, sex talk, relationship advice and memory trailing, although they did dig a little deeper into more serious topics, such as the current election, it followed with laughs and pure fun the entire show. DJ Holiday and Ebony even played a game of “never have I ever” with the studio audience.What tugged the heartstrings of the audience and the night, in general, was towards the end of the live podcast when DJ holiday and Lil Scrappy talked about the love and respect they had for their wives, recalling certain moments that tested the lengths of their love for one another. Check out Dinner With the Averys Podcast on iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, Google Play, Facebook and Instagram. There isn’t any confirmation yet if the Averys will do another live podcast soon, but if they keep the conversations blunt and hilarious, people will be begging for it, so keep a lookout for more live recordings in the future!

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