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TMI Presents the 1st ‘Beat Auction Atlanta’ & Calls on DJ Holiday to Host

If you ever wonder how artist and producers come together then you missed the event that shows you one unique way. TMI presented the first annual “Beat Auction Atlanta” where top producers showcase their hidden beats to any and everybody. In a private resident, a mansion located in Atlanta exclusively held a house full of music industry people young and old, that all came together for such a dope concept and event. What made the event all more merrier was that all proceeds go to “Music Education Group” a group formed to bring music, film, and digital music based education to undeserved youth. .

Drumma Boy

On Tuesday, November 13th, before the event officially started we got to hear from some of the producers who were showcasing their beats for the auction. We heard from J-White, who is the man behind almost every Cardi B smash hit on the radio tell us to stay positive and that projection is the key to keep moving forward as he reminisces on his recent success. Following J White, we hear from J Beatzz who is responsible for the Travis Scott hit “Stop trying to be God”, and Miguel’s “Pineapple Skies”, along with Drumma Boy who produced the Hood classic by Waka Flocka, “No hands” and Migos, “Look at my dab”. JBeatzz and Drumma Boy have been in the game for over 10 years and gave us some insight on why this event meant so much to them. Lets just say it had a lot to do with the fact of this being a charity event and also giving artist the opportunity to obtain beats that they more then likely couldn’t get their hands on. All producers gave their bit of advice to any up and coming producers and artist in the industry. But the words of J Beatzz stood out the most , “Find your own wave”, he stressed for artist to create their own sound, and continue to ride it. He said its okay to learn from others before you, but take what you learn and create your own thing.


As the night began, the producers went one by one giving us about 3-4 beats each in a room full of eager artist and listening ears. Producers like Black Metaphor, JBeatzz, JWhiteDidIt, DrummaBoy and more all gave us their typical yet banging set of beats to hear. If your into music then just this part alone was the most anticipated part of the event. Hosted by DJ Holiday, also on the 1s and 2s was there to hype up every beat played. As each producer played their beat, you can look around and see nodding heads in unison, and a number of facial expressions that lets you know the beat played is either a rider, a banger, or a hit. Just as any auction this one was no different then what you see on TV, numbered paddles raised as people realized that the beat played may just be for them. Starting bids at $300 was nothing for some people in the room. Some producers beats were fought over throughout the night raising the bid to $1200. Every producer walked out with a smile on their face and more than happy knowing all proceeds go to “Music Education Group”. If this event didn’t set the holiday spirit for the music industry folks I don’t know what did.

Knowing that this was just the first annual Beat Auction for a city known as the black mecca who holds an abundance o music industry people, we are all excited to see what’s to come next year. The intimate setting made it feel all the more exclusive and something you’d want to be apart of even if you did or didn’t participate in the auction itself. Per usual this ultimately became a great networking event for artist, producers, PR’s, managers, and media. We’ll be sure to keep our ears and eyes open for the next hit from the artist that purchased their set of beats from the infamous producers who graced the room. This just set the tone for whats next to come and we’ll all be waiting.

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