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Published on December 27th, 2018 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Celebrated French Photographer Cendrine Marrouat Announces ‘The Murals of Winnipeg’ Project

545 Arlington Street -

The “Murals of Winnipeg” is an ongoing non-commercial project celebrating the vibrant outdoor artistry in Winnipeg, Canada by celebrated French-born photographer Cendrine Marrouat whose award-winning images have sparked conversations on photography as an art-form across international media. “Murals of Winnipeg” is Cendrine’s celebration of the outdoor art and artists which lend a striking color palette as a complementary addition to an already amazing landscape and architectural splendor within the city.

View Cendrine’s ongoing project “The Murals of Winnipeg” here https://www.cendrinemedia.com/Portfolio-Series/Murals-Winnipeg, new images weekly!

965 Wolseley Avenue - “Walk Through the Seasons”

In discussing the inspiration for the project Cendrine says:

In 2017, a friend and I were discussing the murals that are sprinkled around Winnipeg. We both agreed that they deserved attention because they are beautiful works of art. So we started meeting in her neighborhood with the goal to photograph as many as we could.⠀

Then, after a few weeks, I continued on my own.

With more than 600 murals to capture, this is obviously a (very) long-term project. As of November 2018, I have photographed almost 100 pieces…

Winnipeg is the capital city of the arts in Canada. Here, there are more artists than people to support them. So, the competition can be a little fierce. As an artist myself, I want to give global exposure to all the wonderful creatives behind those murals. They deserve it.

Murals are open-air exhibits that are available for all to see. Unfortunately, people are not always aware of their existence. I hope that this project will increase their visibility and encourage positive conversations around art.

The Murals of Winnipeg Project has been a wonderful experience so far. I have met great folks and learned very interesting facts about this city that became my home 15 years ago. It’s awesome to be able to give a voice to my community! ~ Cendrine Marrouat

The project has created a flurry of attention to the city’s outdoor art displays with an extensive round of media coverage sparked by the project’s announcement. Recent coverage of Cendrine and her various photographic works include interviews and features with major Canadian and international news programs and web portals.

802 Preston Avenue

To view Cendrine’s current project “The Murals of Winnipeg” please visit:


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