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Published on December 9th, 2018 | by Guest Editor


Darrin Dewitt Henson “The Truth of the Man”

DARRIN DEWITT HENSON is a multi-talented actor, choreographer and author, known for his ability to bring layers to the characters he portrays and letting his fans see up close and personal how they unfold.   Audiences “feel” the good, the bad and the ugly of the journey.  Whether you like the character or not, you understand the “why,” Henson makes sure of that. As an actor and person Henson knows taking shortcuts in life doesn’t work… you have to be all in and you don’t have to be the loudest person in the room to heard.  Being true to yourself is your loudest voice.  The actor’s “truth” comes through in the roles he takes and what he brings to them.  Henson understands what’s asked of him with each role and leaves it all on the table with each performance.  In a scene from an upcoming movie, Henson is so completely in sync with his character that by the final take, the deep emotional pain his character is in overwhelms the actor, physically and emotionally, an outstanding performance, leaving everyone watching in tears.

Henson is a three-time NAACP nominated actor well known for his diverse roles on the big screen, television and stage.  They include the long running TV series Soul Food, Sony Screen Gems mega hit, Stomp the Yard and the role of Jim Brown in the feature film, The Express, Raven in the martial arts film, Tekkan, and Detective David Reynolds in Sons 2 The Grave (to be released 2019).  Additional movie credits are many, they include, Black Coffee, Black Coffee 2, The Choir Director, Zulu Wedding, The Products of the American Ghetto, Intensive Care and Nothing like Thanksgiving for the Urban Movie Channel.

The multi-talented actor has also done his share of stage work, both on and off  Broadway.  They include, Fabric of a Man. (Joshua King), David Talbert’s stage play, Stand Up Tragedy (Carlos Cruz) and Club 12 (Antonio) and stars in You Can’t Raise a Man, co-written and produced by Henson.

Henson is a student of his craft, always evolving. The respected actor is a sought after public speaker in his field.  The actor brings his no nonsense approach to the industry to speaking engagements all over the world.   Henson speaks on the heart, soul and the business of the industry.  He believes “You can come as you are, but you can’t stay as you are.  Growth is important personally, spiritually and mentally.”

HENSON can be seen on Tuesdays at 9/8c in the new television series, THE FAMILY BUSINESS, on BET.  The actor plays Orlando Duncan, son of family patriarch L.C Duncan, who has handed him the reigns of the family business.  A business that’s more than a lucrative exotic car dealership, involving high powered politicians, mafia and drug cartels.  The seasoned actor brings depth to Orlando who does his father’s bidding without hesitation.   But is it to keep a tight grip on the reigns or does the river run deeper.   Henson takes us on that journey making sure, we see all the cracks and the pain of his character and where he goes for peace.

“I believe that we are 99% energy beings and 1% physical and everything that manifests the physical world for us, has to be felt and thought about in the non-physical first.  To sum it up, what is unseen ultimately becomes seen when we focus on it… out of nothing becomes something and so it is, Amen.” DDH



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