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Mike’s Place: Exclusive Interview With Mike Bend

Comedian and actor Mike Bend has starred and appeared on various comedy shows including The Rickey Smiley Show and The Mike Bend Show. Now, he will be appearing in a new sitcom titled Mike’s Place.

Check out the interview with Mike Bend.

Jae Monique: Tell me about the sitcom Mike’s Place.

Mike Bend: Mike’s place is about my life. It’s a comedy with me and Victoria, which is college sweetheart. I use characters from my mic man show including Rufus, Midi, and Bishop. It’s about me being a club promoter trying to make owner and my girlfriend Victoria is an attorney trying to make partner and we’re coexisting in Atlanta.

JM: Where are you at with the production?

Bend: With production, the pilot is done. We are in the process of screening it and pitching it to major networks. Waiting for a network to pick up the show, but production is officially done.

JM: What made you want to have your own sitcom?

Bend: What made me want my own sitcom is because I was on other sitcoms in Atlanta and some of the writing I felt was okay, but it wasn’t funny. I just felt if I could write it or be the creator of it, I can make mine funnier. Plus, I felt I have a lot more to give with animation, comedy, singing and dancing to the industry.

JM: What sets you apart from others who are in your line of work?

Bend: What sets me apart is, I’m shorter. I have three attributes. I can dance, act, and sing. Plus, I have a very vivid imagination and I’m very energetic, so I can bring all of that to the screen.

JM: You keep yourself busy with The Mike Bend Show, Mike’s Place, and your other work, how do you effectively use your time management?

Bend: I’ve tried to take my time with time management. I devote so many hours in the day to Mike’s place. I devote so many hours a day to the Mike Bend Show. There are so many hours in a day so I try to separate it. I wake up and write a little bit for each one, but some days I have different projects that take more of my time. I try to make sure I give each one of my projects the same adequate amount of time or whichever one is paying.

JM: What other projects are you working on?

Bend: Right now, I’m only working on my projects. I’m just really giving it a hundred percent with the TV show, stage play, and sitcom. I’m just giving it all of my time because I feel that 2018 and 2019 is my year for it to come to life.

JM: When is Mike’s Place expected to come out and where can everyone watch it?

Bend: I’m praying that it comes out in 2019 and whichever network picks it up will be where you can go see it. Whichever network picks me up, I’ll let you know soon as I know.

JM: Is there anything else you would like to add?


[email protected] Michael Bend

[email protected] Mike Bend 96

[email protected] Mike Bend 96.

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