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Tula Talks Old Swedish and She Walks The Walk

Fresh off releasing her new EP ‘SKIN’, we spoke to Berlin-based, Swedish singer TULA about what music she is listening to right now.

Hey TULA, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. I want to delve right in and ask you how your new EP ‘SKIN’ came about this year? It’s been a bit of a break for the band since your last release in 2015.

We released a new single Bullet in May this year and Colours in August. I have been working ongoing with new material and felt it was ready; I was ready to release some of the new material now.

‘Bullet’ is such a great track. Described as ‘dark pop’, what genre would you say that it fits into?

I am not good at genres. So that you would have to ask someone professional at categorising music. I just make music and I try to use sound to express an emotion and it leads to different sounds. I tell stories. I don’t analyse after what I put together to make that happen.

Why the name TULA?

Tula is old Swedish and means to walk strong through hard terrain.

Do you have any plans to take the project out on the road?


If you could pick, who would an ideal future collaboration be with?

Jack White, Chilli Gonzales.

Give us the last 3 artists you were listening to and why?

‘Eros ‘Nicholas Britell from film score of ‘If Beale Street could Talk’

‘Mastery of Love’ Sufjan Stevens from film score for ‘Call me by your Name’

I am into film scores right now.

Fever Ray ‘Plunge’. I love her stuff. It is seductive and haunting at the same time.

Thanks for taking the time today!

Check out TULA’s new EP Skin below.

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