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Published on January 28th, 2019 | by The Rap Hippies


Biggest Sports Event of the Year Gets Star Studded, Atlanta Style

What’s the Super Bowl in Atlanta without it being a star studded event?! We wouldn’t give the people “THE” Atlanta experience they expect if we didn’t incorporate music during the most popular sports event of the year. Atlanta is the black music mecca, and this is the perfect time to showcase all we got for the outsiders. We welcome all with the southern hospitality we’ve all learned to have while living here whether we’re from here or not.


With that being said there’s tons of events happening during the weekend of the super bowl which has played out to be like a 3 day holiday weekend for Atlanta and the Falcons aren’t event playing. The city has already been expected to shut down with the amount of people coming estimated at about 150,000 extra on top of the 6 million that are already here. Even corporate offices in the city are closing just for the sake of this event. If you’re coming to Atlanta and your two teams found its way to the Super Bowl, don’t come to Atlanta and not enjoy the list of events that have been curated for a good time. Celebrities of all kinds will be in the building from athletes, rappers, social media influencers, DJs, actors & actresses. This weekend is going to be like Birthday Bash, mixed with freaknik 96; with celebrities all over the city, and traffic you’ve never experienced before.

5 Events in 3 days hosted by Daysnatchers; a traveling experience that carefully  curate events focused on the exchange of influence and transfer of knowledge. All events will be held at The Super Atrium just ½ mile from the newly built mercedes stadium. Go to for more details. Be sure to follow @PatNix1 @Daysnathcers @FoyFactor @PressPlayAgency for more information and updates on the event.


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