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Published on January 23rd, 2019 | by Jason Bourne


G4 Jag- The Survivors (EP)

Hailing from the Morningside section of Central Harlem AKA The Wild Hunnids, G4 Jag Is a unique mixture of talent, vision work ethic and understanding a niche in Hip Hop that he is proud to contribute to.  Struggle, preparation and experience has become Jag’s greatest education and empowerment. A new father to twins, Jag has witnessed great blessing with the turn of the New Year and arrives motivated to take his musical pursuits to a higher level.  His timely punchlines bring great praise from Hip Hop heads, his catalog reverence from veterans, and willingness to represent for Boom Bap support that grows exponentially.  Collaborations in the past with Ron Browz as well as current selections with Big French and Flee Lord are highlights on his resume.  His debut The 9/11 Survivor (2017), was followed up by Welcome To Ground Zero as well as The 9/11 Survivor Part 2: The 2nd Tower in 2018 and has created a standard which is met and raised by his new release The Survivors.  Stream it below:


The Survivors


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Jason Bourne...amazing person and journalist...RIP and you'll always have a home with The Hype Magazine and in our hearts!We miss you my brotha! - Dr. Jerry Doby, Editor-in-Chief.

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