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Sprayground’s David Ben David Talks Upcoming Collaborations With Fortnite And Asian Doll

Courtesy of Sprayground

David Ben David is the visionary and artist that started the Sprayground brand in 2010. Back then David researched the backpack market and concluded that it was kind of dull and boring.  They were mostly black with a basic logo and design. David saw his niche and attacked it with full force, as he and his team created their “Hello, My Name Is” backpack.

After the success of the “Hello, My Name Is” backpack, David and his creative team went back into the lab and created the “Money Stacks” backpack. The customer feedback was tremendous, and it confirmed to David and the creative team that they were on to something great. As athletes, celebrities and fashion icons began to insert the Sprayground brand into their respected cultures.

In the next six years from 2012 to 2017, Sprayground began to expand into several different markets in the USA and then around the world. Place such as Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Dubai. They also expanded their product into the Luggage, Outerwear, Cold weather accessories, Apple accessories, keychains, and duffle bags.

Sprayground partnered with a company by the name of Giant Propeller for the release of their limited edition luggage. The campaigned featured models such as Anthony Alcaraz,  Stacey Hash, Liza Lash, and Madzilla in specific themes that went along with each piece of luggage as there were only three hundred pieces made in total.  During these six years, the Sprayground creative team created the patent Wing backpack. They even started experimenting with different fabrics and implemented 3D molded techniques. Their customers started to demand a sleeker and more fashionable bag, and Sprayground listened. Sprayground began expanding its international distribution into 30 different countries. The brand can also be seen in continents such as Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. As of 2018, Sprayground has evolved into a global entity and one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

The Hype Magazine Magazine recently had the opportunity to speak with Sprayground’s visionary and artist David Ben David about their “House of  Villains Pop Up Shop” in New York City, and his upcoming collaborations with Fortnite and Dallas native Asian Doll.

You were previously promoting your “House of  Villains Pop Up Shop” casing your new product line. Can you tell us where you drew your inspiration?

The inspiration came from the idea of showcasing old art and then comparing it to the new art, which is Sprayground. Showing art ideas from famous museums around the world and presenting it to the audience. Art has a lot of value since several pieces were created in dark times during oppression and forced conversions and the slavery era. So, I showcase this modern day art through Sprayground in the present with light and happiness. Everyone has as from the old style of Renaissance from artists such as Van Goh, Picasso, Da Vinci. Out with the old and in with the new.

You and Giant Propeller collaborated, introducing a luggage line last year. Can you tell us why you decided to incorporate a luggage line?

I thought it was a great extension from the bags because the more I grow the business, the more it becomes a travel company and lifestyle brand. There is nothing really cool from my perspective in the luggage market. So, I thought it would be a great market for me to come in and disrupt.

You have a collaboration with Fortnite that is slated to debut sometime this month. How did this idea come together?

Fortnite wanted to enter the fashion world and be strategically correct if they went through Sprayground to achieve it. At Sprayground our objective is to take something that is not really being produced as I have done with companies such as Marvel, Spongebob Squarepants, DC Comics, and the NBA. Fortnite saw that they wanted to see how their product could live in the fashion accessory environment. I have been known to tell a different story aside from what these companies are currently showing. They reached out to me to see if I wanted to create something for them and I thought it was a great idea. They have a lot of characters that I can work with and a lot of room to create something fresh.

Courtesy of Sprayground

You have collaborated with Dallas native Asian Doll on fashion in the past, and you have a music video in the works. Can you share with us when the video collaboration is set to be released?

That will be released this summer with some artists that I work with. I’ll either make some music or product, but with her, we are creating something that will touch both of these industries. In the video, you will find the products that we curated, and it is called “Kyoto Kush,” after Kyoto, Japan the oldest city in Japan.

When you collaborate, what types of values do you seek in the athletes, musicians, or companies you wish to work with?

One is they have to possess the creative spirit and creativity first in comparison to the money first. Here it is creativity first and everything else after that. It also has to be organic; I never reach out to work with bigger entities. If they wear the products and it has to start from there. So, it is just a hundred percent organic.

Reigning Slam Dunk Champion from the Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell is someone that has been seen with several Sprayground bags throughout this season. Has there been a discussion to collaborate with him in the future possibly?

Not at this time, but there are a lot of guys that wear the product, and we don’t collaborate with everyone who wears it. We are very selective.

What are some of the things that you have in the works that we should look forward to next?

There are a few NFL athletes and musicians that I am working with this summer. So, be on the lookout for some of those collaborations along with the ones with Fortnite and Asian Doll because those will carry us into the summer.






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