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Dallas Fort Worth Artist Tawaine Hall Talks Music & More



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Tawaine Hall grew up 40 mins west of Dallas in the historical western city of Fort Worth, TX, known for its cattle more than its culture or knowledge thereof. A little less than an hour and a trip down interstate 35 equals a world of difference in the Underground Hip-Hop scene of Dallas- Fort Worth.

The Tawaine’s journey started shortly after graduating and entering technical school. Where he quickly realized that school might not be the best route. Tawaine decided to take on what he knew better than the majority of his peers and get to work. Coming from the south side of Fort Worth doesn’t exactly make you the prime candidate for hip-hop supremacy. With no clear way to stake a claim in Fort Worth, Tawaine took to Dallas. Eventually leading him to ink production for Houston All-Stars Paul Wall and OG Ron C.

Today Tawaine can be found putting his own spin on what others may consider out of the norm. “I really make what I feel is timeless versus what is currently trendy” claims Hall. Whether he is bringing the noise as a producer or ruffling feathers with his edgy rhymes Tawaine is on course to leave a bruise where others simply left a mark. Tawaine recently premiered his single “The Oath” on DJ Skee’s Dash Radio Network via the Ballers Eve radio show. In 2015 Tawaine was also named one of the Top artists to watch for in Dallas-Fort Worth by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Since then Tawaine has gone on to found the lyric trivia game Got Bars? as well as his imprint Dimes to Dollars.

How old were you when you that you wanted to pursue a career in Music?
I think I was 13 years old and I was observing a lot of things around me. I had a lot of music training as I learned how to play the piano and being a part of the church choir. I was not someone that took a liking to sports, and I had to figure out a way to leave my mark. Music was something that I felt gave me that opportunity to change my situation around and it took off from there.
Did you end up going to college for music?
No!  It is crazy because I had a support system as far as playing the piano, but when I decided to go to college, I informed the people around me that I wanted to major in audio engineering. I was told that my support system would not be investing in audio engineering. So, I had to figure out what I would need to do to pursue my dream on my own. Not too long after at the age of 21, I was able to land my first placement deal. It was a song with Houston
Legend Paul Wall that ended up on the soundtrack for an EA Sports Game for MMA.

How was Paul Wall made aware of the track in the first place?
There was a DJ that was working with him at the time, and he would travel back and forth from the Dallas Fort Worth to Houston.  Paul was working on a project, and this was one of the beats that he pitched to him at the time, and from there it was picked up, and the rest is history.
Nowadays, what is your advice for people trying to land places with the artist in the industry?
You must have a relationship first. I have seen people who might not have the skillset or the talent land placements base strictly off the relationship they have with the artist. I hate to say this, but there have been times where producers will get a placement, not off their skill, but the relationship they might have with an artist.  You must network to create those relationships. Most producers are introverts, but you must get out of your comfort zone and take control of your career.
Where do you see yourself as an artist and a producer?
In the next couple of years, I want to have a better set up at home in Fort Worth, Texas. I feel right now in Dallas and Fort Worth to the rest of the industry. Dallas is currently a dry area when comes to the industry, we did have a Def Jam satellite office in 2006 or 2007. That is the closest thing we had to have an industry presence. I want to have more of industry presence in this area because there is a lot of talent here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. I feel for the next generation after us should not have to leave the state of Texas to make something happen for themselves as our generation had too.
Can you talk about how “Dimes to Dollars” got started?
In 2012, I was sitting around, and I was trying to think about the next five years. I saw a lot of artists that had their merchandise, and I was sitting around and the name “Dimes to Dollars” came to me. I did not know what I used it for, but something told me to write the name down. Three to four years later I went back through my journals saw the title and decided to turn it into a clothing line. It embodied the hustle of staying consistent and keep working to your dreams.
You are also a member of the group “Every 1 Can’t Sit Podcast.” Can you talk about that as well?
Not everyone can sit at the table, so, the podcast consists of myself, a fellow artist Da Deputy, and Jaeson Green. The three of us give our perspective on social issues, music, business in the Dallas area. As individuals in our age range and we decide to take the grow chat that we have in our phones and turn it into a podcast.
Do you feel that you are at an advantage being that is trained in the piano in comparison to some of your peers?
I don’t think I’m at an advantage because nowadays the music doesn’t necessarily require the sound of a piano that people want to hear. On the one hand, I would say yes, and on the other hand, I would say no.  I know artists that have created hit records that have never taken a class in their lives.
Are there any music projects you are currently working on?
We are working on a project for the ladies that is currently untitled, but we expect to release it in September or November of this year.  We are also in the process of working on “Got Bars,” and what this is a card game that involves lyrical trivia you separate the cards in one pile, it will contain lyrics to your favorite songs, and you must guess what song it comes from. In the other pile, it will be an action that you have to perform and a person who will have to guess who it is.

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