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Published on February 18th, 2019 | by Ash Judett


Exclusive Premiere – ‘Indigo’ – Yuno Verse

Coming off his highly-praised debut release “Walls Of White” feat Paya, audiences have been anticipating Yuno Verse’s next move. “Indigo”, his latest release, finds him at his most skeptical and introspective, and while that’s not out of the ordinary for the Rotterdam based artist, he digs even deeper than anything we’ve seen before in this song.

“Indigo”, part of his forthcoming album Massimo’s Pigeon, refers to “indigo children” who are believed to possess special, unusual, and often supernatural abilities. The song was created to show how modern societies still haven’t fully understood how to accept those who feel out of place, especially “indigo children” and their highly evolved intuitions, often diagnosed with all kinds of mental diseases and treated with pills.

“See the birds love me, and the trees love me, the only thing that hates me is man. Give me your pill and tell me you’re ill”.

Sonically, “Indigo” is undoubtedly one of Yuno Verse’s strongest and most matured releases so far, where you can hear him curating new sonic textures, using an ethereal electric guitar solo for what is by far the best intro we’ve heard in a while, without forgetting his perfectly mastered vocal delivery.   

Always experimenting with the musical landscapes of his projects, Yuno Verse performs a tour the force with “Indigo”, set to propel him to new heights in the coming months, as we impatiently wait for the full album to be released. Yuno Verse has got it all: the message, the sound, and the style. Just listen. And feel.

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