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Published on February 18th, 2019 | by Tee Recx


Georgia’s Newest Music Movement: King Management Group Taking Aim


Location/Event – Quinton Miles’ First Thursday Music Review

Music: YouTube

King Management Group is a Columbus, Georgia-based independent management company, founded in 2018, by Tech Guru King Ty and his business partner Kosmodidit. King Ty & Kosmodidit work hand in hand to deliver an experience for their clients that no one else in the city is offering. King Management centers what they do based on the philosophy of servant leadership. From the smallest thing as having a conversation to something bigger like a video shoot, KMG will do everything in their power to make sure the client is number one and taken care of in any situation. King Management Group believes, teaches, and expects hard work, dedication, consistency, and loyalty from those who call KMG home.

Those Who Call KMG Home

King Ty: Founder x Manager x BTS x Dir

Instagram: kingty_capo

Kosmodidit: Founder x Engineer x Videographer x Dir

Instagram: kosmodidit

Willie From Dat Dub: W4DD is a native of Columbus, Ga, born and raised in the DUB. East Wynnton, Fulton Avenue to be exact. If you have ever heard his music you will know how much he loves his neighborhood. His neighborhood is important to him because that’s what made him who he is. He is the perfect example of not letting where you are from, determine your life. W4DD aspires to be as great as Biggie with the flow and delivery. His favorite rapper of all time is Gucci Mane. As an artist he always has a trick up his sleeve, so be on the lookout.

Instagram: juug_squad

Key 23: Key 23 is a native of Maryland. A few things that sets Key 23 aside is that he is hungry to be the best that he can be. He is a coachable individual with a knack for music. People look forward to his music because you never know what you’re going to get with him being so versatile. Key 23 is definitely an artist you don’t need to sleep on.

Instagram: key.23official

Tazzy: Tazzy is a Columbus, Ga native from Baker Village. He has been rapping since he was 12yrs old and calls himself the “Drip God”. Tazzy is a unique individual. He’s young, full of energy, and innovative. His sound is a cross between cali/bay and Chicago’s drill, either way he will have you out your seat ready to turn up. Tazzy is truly a star on the rise.

Instagram: 21tazzzy

Sosoa Pablo: Sosoa Pablo is a native of Florida. He spent his time between Florida and Georgia. Being able to have those two influences gives Sosoa his own original identity. Sosoa is a perfectionist when it comes to his music. He won’t stop until he gets it just right. His dedication to his craft and becoming better is going to take this young man a long way.

Instagram: gkno_sosoa_pablo

Nahezy: Nahezy is a native of Columbus, Ga. Nahezy is a laid back tranquil individual on the outside. But don’t let that fool you, his music will have your lady ready to leave with him. Nahezy’s style of music really speaks for itself, he is a creative individual who writes from his heart. If you put heart into something, you won’t have anything less than great. Be on the lookout for up and coming Nahezy.

Instagram: nahezy_yeah_dats_me

Major League Ballers: MLB is a group that consists of 3 Columbus, Ga natives by the names of Jay, Loddi, and Tay. The three met at the early ages on the baseball diamond and have been rocking together ever since. You have the greats such as Wu-Tang, NWA, Bone Thugs and the Migos. It will be hard to argue that these guys won’t be named right along with the greats in the future. Please don’t sleep on them because they will be coming at you like a fast ball.







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