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Published on February 21st, 2019 | by Guest Editor



Rap artist SckSolo releases new single “Vulture”. The song features a classic hip-hop beat with masterfully crafted lyrics and a flow that encapsulates his artistic style.

“Vulture” is a song about loyalty, brotherhood and not selling out or being taken advantage of once you achieve success. Coming from a rough beginning, SckSolo emphasizes being able to provide for those close to him. From rags to riches, SckSolo is proud of what he has accomplished so far and where he is headed.


Along with the classic style found throughout all rap and hip-hop, the single introduces some electronic influences in the background that add a new twist to the vibe. “Vulture” is a song you can blast in the car with your friends or jam out to on a Saturday night.

Solomon Cornelius King (born September 13, 1998), better known by his stage name SckSolo, is an American hip-hop recording artist, record producer, and member of the rap collective PRISM TRIBE. SckSolo moved around the US throughout his life as a member of a military family; he was born in Anchorage, Alaska then raised in both South Carolina and Georgia. At age 14, SckSolo moved to Las Vegas where he developed most as an artist and became a founding member of PRISM TRIBE.

SckSolo’s creativity has a dark origin. Since his mother left when he was four and his father was absent due to work, he was left to be taken care of by his father’s girlfriend. This soon became an abusive home as he was locked in his room and restricted to electronics for a span of two years. His father’s girlfriend would often forget to feed him and when she did, she would slide the food under the door in order to keep him locked inside.

In such extreme isolation, SckSolo found solace within any book he could manage to attain, as he read multiple versions of the dictionary and the complete Harry Potter series by age ten. This reading helped him gain an extended vocabulary that lead him to writing his own books, poems, and eventually songs.

After his grandmother passed away, SckSol, then 14 years old, moved to Las Vegas with his family. This is where he gained more freedom and started to develop himself as an artist. He taught himself how to produce, record, mix and master songs, even with limited resources and tools.

His stage name came about by combining his initials (S.C.K.) and his nickname (Solo) into SckSolo. He met fellow rapper Jimmy Poindexter, better known by his stage name Jimmy Luna, while attending Sunrise Mountain High School and helped to establish PRISM TRIBE. Through his work with Jimmy Luna as well as other fellow Prism Tribe members, SckSolo has matured and is making history as an up-and-coming artist.

SckSolo’s music is a testament to both artistic and personal independence; it is also proof that you can turn the darkest parts of life into fuel for the brightest. Whether it be through a knocking bass line or his lyricism, SckSolo lets everyone know he is self-made royalty and invites his fans through inspiration to the same journey.

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