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Published on February 23rd, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


NOW Entertainment is Gearing Up to Drop Album Dedicated to Antonio May

NOW Entertainment is gearing up to release an album dedicated to Antonio May, a Fulton County Georgia inmate who was tased, pepper sprayed and beaten to death in jail on September 11, 2018, after he asked for water repeatedly. The 32-year-old was arrested earlier that day by Atlanta Police and booked into jail on a charge of criminal trespassing. According to his brother, Grayling May, Antonio had moved to Atlanta to improve his life by entering a rehab program that provided him with a job and a place to stay.

Antonio May was a founding member of a rap group which included his cousin, Max Trenton Taylor Henderson, a co-founder of NOW Entertainment. The company has worked with the likes of Nino Brown, Shotgun Shane, Christian Vind and more. These guys are focused and driven and destined for success. May left three children behind as well as a brother, father, and step-father.

In a world of cookie cutter rappers and formulated music, NOW Entertainment is a symbol of hip hops purest form.
Tony M. Fountain, the co-founder of NOW Entertainment, hopes the album will also highlight the social issues plaguing the corrections system in the U.S. “I’ve been on both sides of the fence so I’ve seen a lot,” says Fountain. “I never had any issues on my watch when I was a guard, but I also treated [the inmates] like human beings and not animals. We had people from all walks of life in jail, from doctors to lawyers and everything in between. Any of us can get locked up for a number of things”

The mixtape, 478 Gang Vol. #2 features a number of tracks that focus on social issues and life experiences. “As far as police brutality goes it’s getting out of hand,” says Fountain. “This is why this album is important. People should really wake up and realize something is seriously wrong when people are being killed for asking for water, or when good Samaritans like Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. are gunned down while trying to protect others. There needs to be a revision of standards in the hiring and training process.”

According to multiple news sources, the May Family has asked for a criminal probe from the district attorney’s office. “This is the sixth unexplained death at the Fulton County jail,” says Grayling May. “Even though it’s too late to save my brother, it’s never too late to save the next person from senseless police brutality.”
They are certainly setting the bar high for other artists and are predicted to become a very influential force in the urban music world.

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