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Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson Talks New Projects And What’s Next On Scoop B Radio

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson has been making a lot of noise as he continues to build his career as a journalist and profile as a public figure. We have profiled the hip hop journalist turn NBA insider several times in our publication. I have even featured some of his work in various publications, including my own platform. Yes, Mr. He has no sources has been featured in a variety of different publications, due to his accurate reporting on numerous NBA players have landed during free agency, and through trades.

Scoop B Radio

He has now been able to take his success to cable television. This past August he was featured on MSNBC after Lakers forward LeBron James opened the “I Promise School” in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, which caused a reaction from President Trump, of course, insulting James and CNN’s Don Lennon in the same week following their sit down interview.

Since then he has been able to flip that opportunity into a ten-episode project with MSG Network in a reboot program called “People Talking Sports” presented by Kia Motors USA. In addition to that project, he has will also be featured on  Xfinity project entitled “For The Culture,” which will feature Rae Holliday and Lore’l playing the game Jenga. While answering questions as they pertain to the culture.  The final project Robinson will be featured is called Scoop B and Reg. It is an eight-episode podcast where they will be going around interviewing various influences in different industries.

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If you missed Episode 1 of People Talking Sports on @msgnetworks…. Cc: @aintnojigga

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The debut of your show People Talking Sports on MSG Networks premiered on Thursday Can you tell us how this whole thing came about?

The cool thing is that People Talking Sports is not new. It was actually launched in 2017. MSG Networks had a studio show that featured comedians hosting the show and they had conversations with different people that are tied to New York City. They revived the program. My management called me about an idea that MSG Networks had. I interviewed for the show with the network and then I went through two auditions in July and August of 2018. I was blessed enough to be one of the people that they chose and then we had strategy meetings along with some other things in September. We began tapping in January.

The Program is sponsored by Kia Motor Sports USA. Can talk about how that partnership presented itself?

Instead of being in studio, we are in a Kia talking about New York centric things. For example, favorite concerts at Madison Square Garden, games that were played, athlete and things like that are discussed. People Talking Sports is part of MSG Shorts, and will include about ten different episodes.

Can you tell us the backstory on how the selection process happened with you and your cast members?

There were a ton of people who auditioned for the show. When I went on my audition there were people who, I am friends with in real life. A ton of talented people could have gotten the spot that my cast members and I landed. Out of all the cast members that are still on the show I only knew one of them prior to joining the program in Bryan Fonseca. I didn’t know Fox  5 New York’s Jennifer Williams before the show, but we have mutual friends. I didn’t know Fernando Perez, but he played baseball. I’m sure that we know mutual people. MSG could’ve picked anybody, but I feel grateful that they picked me as one of the four.

 You also have something else brewing called For the Culture presented by Xfinity. What is that program about?

It is an episode that I was a part of with media personality Rae Holliday and Lore’l, who is a co-host on Angela Yee’ s Lip Service. We’re basically on the show talking about the culture while playing a game of Jenga. We taped that episode right a little bit after I started taping People Talking Sports. In fact, I taped For The Culture the day before the NBA trading deadline. So, I was working the phones in between breaks with my contacts about the things they were hearing as it pertained to the trade deadline.

Courtesy of Scoop B Radio

You recently just got back from the NBA All-Star break in Charlotte and already dropped some jewels with Ray Allen, Charles Oakley, Sam Perkins, and Dale Davis to name a few. Can you talk about your experiences of hanging out with these NBA Legends that you learned as about yourself as a journalist?

I knew all those players during their playing days in the NBA. So, I stay in touch with Dale Davis and Charles Oakley see each other out and about in NYC. I also keep in touch with his best friend Jayson Williams, the former New Jersey Net. He was a Net during my kid reporting days in the 90s. All-Star Weekend is really like a big family reunion for us covering the game of basketball and allows us to catch up with players and colleagues covering the game.

 What has Jayson Williams been up to?

Jayson is in Florida working at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. He picks people up from the airport and other various places in that area. I’ happy to see Jason’ s growth and glad to see him mentoring the youth.

You have had guests such as Chris Sheridan, Chris Broussard and Jason McIntyre on the Scoop B Radio podcast. Are there any other guests that we should look out for in the next couple weeks?

Yes, I just spoke to Alex Kennedy from Hoops Hype he will be on as a guest this week. I will also have Ric Bucher from Bleacher Report. Other ball players, and influential people are also on the way, stay tuned.

Are there any other television or other programs you will be involved with this year?

I have been focusing a lot on intellectual property building the narrative and owning my own platform. I have an eight-part podcast series that launches Monday March 5th and the name of it is Scoop B and Reg. Reginald Calixte is someone that is in the tech space and we are interviewing influencers and we will be dropping two episodes on March 5th. We will be traveling and interviewing people as well as in studio. Our first guest is model, actress, and  TV Personality Tahiry Jose.

You have a partnership with Zenni Optical are there any events that we can look forward to in the next coming months?

Zenni Optical is the official sponsor of the Chicago Bulls and I am a brand ambassador for the company. The city of Chicago will host the 2020 NBA All-Star Game, so stay tuned.

 You broke the Space Jam 2 Story last summer, which was supposed to feature a plot that would ultimately tell the world were LeBron James would be headed this past offseason. How does it feel to be vindicated being that movie will be released in 2021?

I was doing my job and I think in today’s social media it is all about show and prove. I’ll just say, I am glad I got it right. They amended their rollout because I was reporting what was going on. So, I had to sit and wait a little bit, but I’ll say it again: intellectual priority is the thing. LeBron James and his team own the narrative and Los Angeles is a balance between extending his basketball career and his film and television aspirations. I know LeBron had a whole rollout and it was a bipartisanship and for him to play basketball and to pursue other business endeavors outside of being a professional athlete. I am happy for him, and as far as being vindicated, I am just glad I got it right. I’m trying to build my career and of course, people are going to doubt what you are saying. Hopefully, I have won over some people and if not, continue to pay attention. There is a lot in store for me professionally and my own personal branding as well. It is a great time to be alive as a journalist and I am going to continue to do what I need to do.

Do you think Kevin Durant’s next move would be basketball related or to set him up for life after basketball?

I think Kevin Durant is in a situation now where LeBron was in 2014, when he decided to go back to Cleveland. Kevin Durant left the Thunder after playing for many years and went to the Warriors. He won some championships with a team nucleus of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. I think when you look at it from that perspective, he went to Golden State to win and preserve himself on a super team just like LeBron did when he joined the Heat with Bosh and Wade and the same way with Kevin Garnett when he joined forces with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo. I think the next move for Kevin Durant is polishing what he has already done.

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