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Cam Be: The Return of the Renaissance Man

Cam Be is a millennial maven that has paved his own path in the entertainment industry. A force of his own; Cam is able to add more than “musician” to his resume. As a music producer, DJ, photographer, film director, and photographer; Cam Be’s talents resonates throughout all of his projects. An alumni of the New York Film Academy and Columbia College (Chicago); Cam has produced music, entertainment series , documentaries and has interviewed iconic artist such as Maya Angelou, Lauryn Hill, Common, Theater Gates, Questlove, Hebru Brantley and a plethora of others that have influence Cam Be to staying true to himself through his artistry, hard work and dedication  as an artist. As Cam Be is the musician; Cam movement is the musician’s thriving production company; specializing in music videos, documentaries and more. His success through his passion for storytelling has established Cam Be to position himself to produce his own content; including his short documentaries such as “Where Flowers Bloom”, which is presented in Rapsody’s Grammy Nominated hip-hop album ‘Laila’s Wisdom, which is currently streaming on Tidal. His success also includes a 2012 Emmy award for “Outstanding Achievement in News Specialty Reporting”  as a producer for “About Last Night”; showcasing the skills and imagery that Cam Be posses throughout his career and a multi-talented artist.

His videographer skills are to be unmatched; collaborating with stars such as Hebru Brantley, Rapsody, Talib Kweli, Aja Monet and many more to come. Along with his collaborations; His first solo album 7 Steps to 7 has created a buzz throughout the midwest; presenting sounds of soul, funk, hip-hop, and jazz that flawlessly travels through emotions of love, sorrow, pain, joy, and forgiveness. 7 Steps to 7 are available on all streaming music platforms.

So what is next for this talented multimedia artist and instrumentalist? 
CurrentlyCam Be is working on a new documentary titled “Project: Building Hope” which was a part of Kartemquin’s Diverse Voices in Docs Program, a mentorship, and development program for documentary filmmakers of color throughout the Midwest. Hosting series of workshops for aspiring producers/ filmmakers; this program establishes profiles for those that are wanting to chase their dreams to create and aspire in an industry that is always open for new and upcoming talent. 
The Hype Magazine had the honor to interview with the talented Cam Be about his influences, current projects and what is to come from this artist.
As you see yourself, who is Cam Be, both as an artist and an individual?    

I would consider myself a renaissance man as I have invested myself in multiple disciplines. A musician, a film director,  a photographer and DJ. I am an artist that is about growth and expression. I work to tell stories and convey life messages. My music is at its core soul music rooted in blues, jazz, and hip-hop. It’s a genuine expression that comes from real life experiences.  As an individual, I am laid back. I like to listen before I speak. I am a lover and a thinker. I believe family is important. I love to travel and meet new people allows me to have a better understanding of the world and my place in it. 

What brought you to the entertainment industry and more specifically, music?

I am an artist and have been working on music since I was a teenager. Music has always been a love of mine, I started playing bass about 16 years ago and picked up the guitar a couple of years after that. I begin producing and making beats as a teenager which evolved into creating an 8 piece band in Chicago called Untitled, we toured locally and nationally before dissolving. Over the last couple years, I focused on my film career before feeling a call back to music, which allowed me to record my most recent project and first solo album ‘7 Steps to 7’ 

Tell us about your current project 7 Steps to 7?

7 Steps to 7 is an album produced by Cam Be, with additional production by Khrysis and Slot-A. 7 Steps to 7 serve as the soundtrack to the photo exhibition So I Wrote Love in the Sky, Which released in May 2018. The album fuses a blend of soul, funk, hip-hop, and jazz, creating various musical tones breathing life into the imagery of the exhibit. Several Chicago based musicians accompany me, a multi-instrumentalist (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Rap, Vocals), on this endeavor including vocalist Yaw Agyeman, Natalie Oliveri, Angele Anise, emcee Add-2, poets J. Ivy and Harold Green III, producers Khrysis & Slot-A, trumpeter Sam Trump, trombonist DBP, multi-instrumentalist Jon Content, Violinist Amanda Bailey, Percussionist Eric Reyes, vocalist Sheba Kapambwe, drummers David Givens Jr. & Benny Ramos Jr., and guitarist Greg Gauba. This album was mainly recorded at Camovement Studio in Chicago and mixed and master by Rashid Hadee. The music deals with themes of love, loss, forgiveness, and redemption. 

What do you feel has been your greatest achievement so far in your career in the music entertainment industry?

I think just coming back to music and releasing a solo album independently after walking away from the industry has been the biggest achievement, because when stepped away from my band I didn’t think I would record another album. Now I feel I have a new life and new direction in music. 

What can we expect from CamBe?

Currently, I am co-producing a few songs on other artists’ projects as well as arranging music created by Sam Trump from my next feature documentary film ‘Project: Building Hope.’ There are some music videos coming from me in the spring as well as some singles and live shows. Stay Tuned

Music video ‘Miracles’
7 Steps to 7 on Apple Music

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