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Published on March 26th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Cynister release crushing debut single ‘Stuck’

Cynnie Jane is the voice, and only unmasked face of Cynister an LA-based three-piece formed in 2018. The identities of the remaining two members are unknown, shrouded in mystery by black and white masks. ‘Stuck’ was released March 21st and comes as the band’s debut single. The track boldly declares the bands unique sound; a blend of catchy melodic of pop, with tones of dark and visceral heavy rock, and a punch of trap. The hook-laden song is elevated from a just a catchy pop song, to an original and evocative track with unexpectedly heavy guitar riffs and Jane’s powerful vocals, throwing any generic pop tropes out of the window.

Speaking about the songwriting process of the emotive ‘Stuck’, lead singer Cynnie Janes hopes the track, which acknowledges the universal and sometimes immobilizing nature of anxiety and depression, will help people who are are going through tough times knowing others stand with them: “Stuck is about how anxiety and sadness can feel like a trap, like prison walls closing in on you. Whether triggered by heartbreak or otherwise, racing thoughts and self-deprecating attitudes can be really difficult to control once they take hold of you. This can be very destructive, and it’s something that many of us struggle with. With this song, our hope is for people to understand that they’re not alone in dealing with these emotions. We all go through it.”

Check out the up-and-coming rockers track below!

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