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Published on March 10th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Digital Soapbox Network, the Next Big Deal in Podcasting

The world of citizen journalism has taken on a new face…well not so new but definitely make a new level of impact via they podcast dynamic. As with YouTubers and Instagram influencers, Podcasters are experiencing a rapidly growing wave of impact on news and new-found popularity as media outlets with massive fanbases. Digital Soapbox Network is a collection of impactful podcasts approaching not only entertainment but hot-button topics from a myriad of perspectives…this is their story!


Back Story – The Digital Soapbox Network (DSN) is a producer and distributor of digital audio and video content. Formed in 2017, their mission is to provide the very best in on-demand digital content. The purpose of the content they present is to engage, inform and educate the listener.

The Digital Soapbox Network’s shows are hosted by some of entertainment’s most known celebrities, journalist and influencers. In 2018 “DSN” signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Entercom to distribute the networks podcast content.

In addition to audio podcasts, “DSN” also distributes the visual versions of these shows, as well as original visual content to television through a strategic alliance with several streaming television platforms.

Helmed by a team of the entertainment industry and digital space stalwarts and thought leaders, DSN boasts a cumulative 50-plus years in experience which sets it apart from many fledgling podcast media outlets.

The Team

Director of Operations Norman “Bigg” Steele, the former President of urban A&R for “Minder Music Publishing,” wear’s many hats for the network, but primarily manages DSN’s distributor relationship, sponsorship opportunities, and roster relations. “Bigg” has also worked on films such as “Malibu’s Most Wanted” and Netflix “The Fastest Car.”

Brooklyn’s own Greg “Doggy Diamonds” Lewis is a true pioneer in digital media. As founder of “Forbes DVD” and an early contributor to “World Star Hip Hop,” the name “Doggie Diamonds” rings bells. Greg manages content development for the network, as well as assisting in managing the overall direction of the network.

With a name that’s considered legendary in the realm of music, the award-winning Bobby “Bobcat” Ervin is 2nd to none. As a respected DJ & Producer, “Bobcat” has worked with everyone from LL Cool J, to Dr. Dre. “Bobcat” handles marketing, production, and acquisitions for DSN, in addition to helping manage the day to day operations.

The Hype Magazine got Steele and Lewis together for an in-depth conversation about the Digital Soapbox Network and how it started and what it means for content creators within the podcast space:

Of course, we wanted to know the WHY of DSN and Steele responded, “As African Americans, who can tell our story better than us?” he began. “And it’s not just about that totally. Because we’re here for everybody, black, white, Latino, yellow, whatever color you are. We don’t know color lines, but in the same token, the urban market, blacks as a whole, we influence everything that is moving. So there has to be somebody on the other side telling the story” Steele concluded.

Lewis explained what inspired him to come on board as the DSN brand was coming to life saying as an early purveyor of podcasts BEFORE there was an official name for it he did not want to just be another person out there on SoundCloud, he wanted to be part of something bigger. After having talks and negotiations with other networks and not getting a positive response, Lewis concluded he’d have to launch in a new direction, “…So I was sitting there one day like, wow, I guess I got to do SoundCloud, I guess I’ve got to do iTunes, maybe they don’t think I can do it, and perhaps they don’t think, I can perform well. So I went out, ventured out, did my own thing interviewed, a few people, you know, charted very well, and then I proceeded to, go back to the person and say, look, you know, I’m charting really well on the charts, are you still interested? And they said, well, what category are you charting in? And I’m like, what category am I charting in? Does that matter? I’ve charted number four in the world in this category.”

Lewis continues, “To make the story a little shorter, one day I get an email from somebody, you know, saying Bigg Steele, and was like are you a part of a podcast network? I was like, no, and he said, well, I want to start a network. Do you want to be on my network? So I was like, well yeah, I’m looking for an opportunity to be on a network and you know, somebody to help me a little bit.”

“So then, we started corresponding via email, and he was giving me some ideas for some things he hadn’t done. Then I got another email saying we need to talk on the phone because I can’t put you on under my network. You put in so much work, you know, looking at your history, I can only partner with you. So how about you just be my partner in the network? And I was like, that’s fine too. And then we got on the phone and was building ever since then. So that was how we ended up doing what we’re doing because we were kind of forced to. Nobody basically wanted me on their network to make the story short. So we were like, okay, we’ll just start our own” Lewis ends.

To hear the full interview, tune in below and get the full scoop on Digital Soapbox Network, what’s coming down the pike for the world of Podcasting and the role they look to play in it!

Find out more on Digital Soapbox Network and their slate of shows via their official website or tune in via!

Twitter: @digitalsoapboxx

IG: @Digitalsoapboxnetwork



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