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Exclusive: Von Premieres “Who Is He” Music Video Via The Hype

Von is dropping his new single “Who Is He” featuring Lamont Holt on March 29th.  About the track, Von explained: “’Who Is He’ is a question of curiosity. To be known, seen or talked about in a positive or negative way. ‘I be walking round like a rich n****’ is simply a nobody that’s a somebody to themselves, being rich in mind, body and spirit, and also dressing and carrying yourself according to how you feel will make people think your confidence is a reflection of your finances. Confidence is attractive alone, when you catch someone’s attention, one question always pops up. Who is he?”

Added producer Rhythm D about the song: “I Had to make the beat as originally competitive as possible to stand out in such a flooded market, especially in the Trap category, So I spent a few hours on the vibe of that weird bass sound, I knew if Von heard it he would adapt to the elements and spit something dope. Then before I could play it for Von, Lamont had already came up with a fire verse and a hook. I called Von into the studio and he heard it . He had already made a fire verse and hook to . So I asked them both to combine them and that’s what they came up with ‘Who Is He.’”

Von also opened up about the video featuring Lamont Holt, which is premiering via The Hype Magazine: “The video process was dope, shot by Juan [of Prosper Media]. We just got up, got out and made the best of what we can get. The time of day and the weather, couldn’t be more satisfying for specifically the grittiness of the track. This s**t look like a action movie.”

The single is the first in a series leading into a debut EP expected this summer.

Von — short for VonDrake Shiquell Guillory — was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it was the laid back Cali style that really formed his music taste and made him want to get in the game. “Baton Rouge is a tough place to grow up, trouble can come from any direction because of the mentality of the people in the city, it’s gangsta and ambitious! I always had this different persona from my surroundings, even though I’m born and raised in Louisiana, my musical influences were mostly west coast rappers like, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eazy E, just to name a few.”  Von started to think about a career in rap seriously when he got to high school and started entering rap battles. 

It was a chance meeting that had Von crossing paths with legendary hip-hop producer Rhythm D who has an impressive list of credits to his name, including working with Death Row Records, Ruthless Records and one of their marquee artists Eazy E of NWA fame. “I met Von while he and Javis, a.k.a. Sativa Beats, were using my studio in Atlanta. I used to walk by the room and hear him recording, so one evening I decided to go in and listen to one of his songs. Javis said “Check out the single we’re about to drop in a few days. I listened and thought to myself, this needs to be mixed better. So, I suggested mixing it myself.” A working partnership was born and you can expect to hear a lot more from Von and Rhythm D in 2019.


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