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Published on March 13th, 2019 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Kid Jumper Streetwear Brand

Kid Jumper is a streetwear brand started by blogger and clothing designer, Felicia Kid. While writing for Atlanta based Kontrol Magazine and Snob Life she got a design made of her daughters face to surprise her for Christmas. She posted the picture on social media and was shocked when people began to place orders for the tee – some offering as much as $60. That led to KID JUMPER being born in January 2015. This clothing line is street. Unlike other clothing brands, Kid Jumper brings edgy style to both men and women.

Kid Jumper brings an edgy style to the Midwest. Felicia felt that this aesthetic was missing and was only available in New York and Los Angeles. Moving forward, Felicia plans to be a global force in the fashion industry by creating a big time brand from her small hometown.

What inspired the development of the “Kid Jumper” brand/line?

There is a lack of Streetwear in Indiana which is where I live, and also there are not too many brands that represent women who love sneakers, and hoodies and tees, I’ve always been into fashion so making my own line seemed very natural. It just makes sense.

As a business woman, what motivates you each day?

My children. I named my brand after my son (his real name is Jumper) and they watch me, they see how badly I want this and I also incorporate them into the business. It’s a family hustle for sure.

What’s the next level for yourself and “Kid Jumper”?

Next level would be having my brand sold in stores and having my own Streetwear creative space where I can sell exclusive pieces and also aside from my love of fashion blog on my website and I have a podcast.

Brand: Kid Jumper
Website: www.kidjumperwear.com
Instagram: felicia_kid
Twitter: @felicia_kid

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