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Kokane Talks New Project And Working With His Daughter Aanisah Long

Legendary MC Kokane has been in the booth cooking up a new project by the name of Finger Roll that will be released at midnight on March 30th. He also is working on his daughter Aanisah Long, who will be releasing her project entitled ‘Young Columbiana.’  The project will emulate the movie Columbiana and this is an album that Long executive produced herself.  According to her father, she will be showcasing her vocals and her talents as an MC.

Courtesy of Aanisah Long

Kokane recently sat down with us at The Hype Magazine to talk about the creation process of his project ‘Finger Roll’ and ‘Young Columbiana.’  As both projects will be released this year.

Can you tell about the project that you and daughter are involved with?

The project is called Young Columbiana its a spin-off of Columbiana the movie, and I wanted to piggyback her off of my upcoming album called ‘Finger Roll.’ That project will be dropping on March 30th at midnight and the single my daughter and I have coming up is called ‘Like Daddy Like Daughter’ it will feature similar scenes from the Columbiana movie. It is also going to showcase her talents as more singer and an MC. We have been waiting in the cut to release this project we were supposed to have it out over a year ago. We as a collective felt it was better to wait for her develop more as an artist and now it is her time.

When can we expect this to make its debut?

She has a single called ‘Flatline’ and the video & single will be coming soon. The project is called Young Columbiana by Aanisah Long and it will drop this summer.

How long have you guys been working on this project with your daughter?

The majority of the singles were already finished, she added four new ones. There will be a total of 12 singles on the project, and the album is about relationships, empowering women, also being sophisticated, and intelligent. She is the executive producer on her own project.  We are bringing a different element with this project and were about our family structure. She has seven other siblings, and she is also pursuing a career in acting. We will be releasing a mini-movie in conjunction with the single ‘Like Daddy Like Daughter.’ So, you will be able to hear her on my album shining and doing her thing building up the anticipation for her project.

You are also working with an artist by name of YD. Can you tell us what it’s like working with him and why do you feel mentorship is what this generation of artists is meaning?

YD is an affiliate of Buddyboy Entertainment, and he has his own situation going on as well. I’m just here to point him in the right direction. That is the good thing about being an OG we can give back to the youngsters.

He has already been on tour with Snoop is there anything that he learned on a music tour with him?

He was involved with a couple of shows with the Pomona City movement that is still going strong with RMM CEO Big Percy. He has learned a lot from everyone he has been around and YD will be successful.

What has your daughter learned from you?

Don’t take any S***, don’t compromise, and don’t compare yourself to anyone. Step out of the crowd and be unique.  Sometimes when stepping outside the crowd can be very lonely, but when you do that, you have an opportunity to compare the universe. When are comfortable and you don’t listen to everyone it may take a while, but when you develop those skills that you can apply to your character. Nothing happens overnight, and a lot of things happen for me independently, but it took time. The same thing applies to my daughter and I have been grooming her since she was ten years old. She is now 23 years old now. I want to take my time with her and not rush her into stardom because I wanted to make sure she was equipped to handle it.





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