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Published on March 20th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Meet Bugsy With Her Hard-Hitting Misogyny Crushing Video Release for “Fuckboy”

Immerse yourself in Bugsy’s world with the release of the “Fuckboy” music video. The embodiment of allyship within the feminist community, Bugsy encourages you to take down the patriarchy with her in this new 360 VR experience. “Fuckboy” incorporates beautifully blended harmonies with killer guitar slaps all laid over a catchy war cry of a chorus.

The video was directed by longtime videographer and producer Nir Netzer, who is also the of the head of content and director at Making360, a service and platform that creates an immersive experience for brands to interact with their customers. This past year, Nir participated in the Oculus Launchpad 2018, directed three 360 experiences for DreamworksTV, and a 360 investigative video for Oxygen Network.

“Fuckboy” instantly grabs the listener’s attention, opening with Bugsy’s angelic voice complimented by a chorus of women. Likewise, the video starts off in an atmospheric pool surrounded by women that begin to appear around every corner. As one pans the screen around, Bugsy crouches into view, singing directly into the camera. The mood changes with a thudding bass line and a shift in Bugsy’s tone from soothing to commanding as she spits the line, “Aye, yous just a bougie little f***boy.” The viewer is transported to a warehouse with women strutting around in attire reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter. As one moves the camera to look inwards, a startling projection comes into view: a headless man with his hands wrapped in wire. The whole work is an anthem of female empowerment and a middle finger to misogynistic men. The colorful scene changes between reality and a space-age VR world, along with Bugsy’s infectious chorus, will most definitely keep viewers watching until the end.     

“Fuckboy” is the first of its kind to incorporate 3D art, compositing, and audio-reactive elements in a VR environment, giving fans a new way to interact with the message behind the music. With all of its unique elements, Bugsy’s new video marks a refreshing addition to feminist culture.


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