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Meet Ré Alissa: The Modern Day Femme Fatale

Ré Alissa is an upcoming R&B artist from Chicago, IL. A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, she utilizes combinations of soulful vocals, refreshing harmonies and melodic rhythms; having her loyal following gravitate towards her good vibes. Her music takes listeners on an intense roller-coaster of emotions throughout the highs and lows of dealing with love, life, and relationships-making it easy for anyone to join in her inner circle and present their vulnerabilities while relating to the material at hand.

The Hype Magazine sat down with Ré Alissa to gain more insight into this multi talented artist.

What and/or who has influenced the sound you that bring in your current music?

I take a lot of influence from the greats in music– that includes vocalists, musicians, and all around artists. As a vocalist and musician, I feel like utilizing all of your skills and abilities in your music is how you get the best out of it. Therefore, I’d say that the sound that I bring into my current music is mostly influenced by some of the greatest in music– people like Aaliyah, Beyonce, Prince, Brandy, Victor Wooten, etc.

What message(s) do you want people to interpret from your music?

I think the most important message that I want to send to people through my music is that we all go through the same things (as far as love, feelings, and emotions) in life. We’ve all had bad days, bad relationships, uncomfortable or undesirable situations. We’ve all been in love, fallen out of love, and had our hearts broken. However, I also want the music to highlight that these are some of best things in life! They are what indeed make life, life! I want my music to be the most pure and relatable depiction of that. I just want people to feel it and relate.

What was the biggest learning curve you had to conquer so far in your music career?

Being that I’m so young and a woman in music industry, the biggest learning curve I’ve had to conquer is realizing that no matter independent I am, most things actually can’t be done alone. I had to get out the mindset of ”I got this, I don’t need anyone” and realize that it really does take a team to make dreams come true. As soon as I really opened up, put myself out there, and let people assist me in my journey, doors really began to open for me.

Who would your dream collaboration be with (dead or alive)?

This is always the hardest question for me because there are honestly so so many people that I wish I could work with. However, right now my top choices of dream collaborations would have to be between Aaliyah and 2Pac.

What can we expect next from “Re Alissa”?

This year for Ré Alissa is all about organizing and becoming. I keep referring to this chapter of my life as “preparing for takeoff” and this year as “the year of Dreams Come True“. You can expect consistent music, visuals, and branding from me this year. My team and I will be working on really getting my name out there and elevating to higher levels so that more and more people are familiar with me and my sound as an artist. I’m super excited for what’s in store!

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