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New Hip Hop Single Calls On Men To “Dismantle” Patriarchy

As the world rises, duo Charity Croff and Jacob Denzel of ArchDuke, in partnership with One Billion Rising, Release “Dismantle” Single (Featuring Taylor Iman and Jenee Jones) as part of The Vagina Monologues & V-DAY’S 20TH Anniversary.

“I broke free thanks to Queens I know / They taught me not to fill no role… I ain’t gotta act hard now / I’m real big, real big like my heart now.” These are some of the provocative lyrics from hip hop duo Charity Croff and Jacob Denzel of ArchDuke’s new song “Dismantle” (featuring Taylor Iman and Jenee Jones), premiering today in celebration of The Vagina Monologues’ and V-Day’s 20th Anniversary and as part of One Billion Rising, the biggest mass action to end violence against all women and girls. “Dismantle” is available for purchase and streaming on all digital platforms. A portion of the proceeds will benefit One Billion Rising. Listen here:

“Dismantle” features a fusion of soulful afrobeats and classic New Orleans bounce, with lyrics that exemplify and raise awareness of the work needed to end sexism. In the video, ArchDuke performs in a mirrored room, brimming with movement and reflecting the energy of these men as they answer and issue a call to action. The song ends with a dance break, featuring a diverse group of women, coming together to rejoice in the music and the message.

“Honestly, patriarchy is a man’s issue,” said Charity Croff. “Generally, society tends to view feminism as this avenue through which women can liberate themselves. However, any liberation must involve the direct accountability and action from the oppressive group. In this case…men. ‘Dismantle’ is a song about men ripping that hypermasculine mask off and thereby exposing the loving, joyous, empathetic human being that lies beneath. It is my deepest hope that the liberation of women will be a natural byproduct of that process.”

“Art has the power to reach, transform and inspire people to act. That fact is at the heart of V-Day and One Billion Rising and has been since our founding. During our V20 year, we issued a call for new art, particularly art that engages men in ending violence against women,” said Susan Celia Swan, Executive Director of V-Day/OBR. “Charity and Jacob are passionate about doing the work of calling in men as men. Abuse doesn’t just happen, someone perpetrates it and the majority of the time, that someone is a man. ‘Dismantle’ is a powerful artistic tool for our community of activists, and it calls men into the work of ending violence against all women.”

“Dismantle” launches today in conjunction with One Billion Rising global mass actions, and the celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Vagina Monologues and V-Day. As such, the song will be featured in international artistic uprisings, challenging the systems that cause violence, including imperialism, fascism, racism, capitalism, and neo-liberalism. ArchDuke and One Billion Rising invite everyone committed to ending gender-based violence to take part in the “Dismantle” Dance Challenge by moving in whatever way makes them feel alive, ecstatic, and powerful in their bodies. In celebration and solidarity, activists worldwide will record dance videos to the song and share across social media across using #DismantlePatriarchy and #1BillionRising.


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