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Published on March 20th, 2019 | by Hype Editorial


NoTrace ft. Glenn Travis – Vibrations

In the new single “Vibrations,” a collaborative piece between NoTrace and Glenn Travis, listeners are invited to experience the sort of inspiration that is only possible through the majesty of song. A slice of lyrical wonderment that espouses a positive, forward-thinking narrative, “Vibrations” infectiously penetrates the barrier between artist and audience using sharp prose and smart analogies to create homespun energy that constantly reminds us of how organic and authentic this track’s origins really are. NoTrace and Travis work together exquisitely in this song, with neither artist overshadowing the other and chemistry reigning supreme over the mere notion of egotism and selfishness. Whether you’re a new fan or a longtime supporter, NoTrace’s latest release is a slickly produced melodic hip-hop jam that doesn’t ask a whole lot from its audience in exchange for the warmhearted, earnest statements that it dispenses with such ease. In a time of unparalleled derision and discord, it’s really nice to see that not every aspect of our society has become polluted with divisiveness.

“Vibrations” is built on the foundation of its intellectually stimulating lyrical content, but it doesn’t express itself through its verses alone. Musically, this single features an extremely spellbinding beat that captures our attention from the get-go, synchronizing with our heartbeats and mirroring their cadence. The melody that escorts the words through the track is soft and whimsical against a stoic, lifeless bassline, which on its own could be said to create a contrast that is just as fetching – if not more so – than any other element of the song is. NoTrace is careful not to overwhelm us with too many details here, but there’s definitely more than enough to keep any real music aficionado busy deconstructing the design of this track for quite some time. Anyone who ever said that hip-hop has to be plain, formulaic music that centers on one premise that never really adapts or changes in order to guarantee to appeal to one side of the market over another clearly never heard anything like “Vibrations,” or they definitely wouldn’t have been so moronic as to make such a claim.

While I don’t think that NoTrace and Glenn Travis do anything that warrants giving them some sort of world-altering award for “Vibrations,” what the pair have conjured up in this single is nevertheless really moving and among some of the most thoughtful pop music, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in a while. “Vibrations” is the type of feel-good song that everyone needs to hear now and again, if for no other reason than to be reminded that things could always be a little tougher and a heck of a lot darker than they are at the moment. Using a medium that has no equivalent, they manage to channel a lot of emotion into one solid, affectionately assembled track that not only endorses a strong message of self-identity and survival amidst strife but also leaves us with a catchy melody that’s hard to forget once it’s gotten its hooks in you. That right there is exactly how you make a hit single in 2019.




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