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Published on March 15th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Recording Artist, Ashley Brinton Debuts Music Video For “Good Mawnin’”

Ashley Brinton has released her most-anticipated single yet, “Good Mawnin.” The song completes an evolution from the singer that finally comes full circle.

Brinton, who was discovered by Tommy Mattola at age 9, debuts a new side that has evolved from her previous songs geared towards the pop genre. “Good Mawnin” is Brinton’s foray into the hip-hop space.

With the music video set to premiering on YouTube on March 15th, fans can enjoy a very catchy tune to accompany a song that is relaxed and filled with good vibes. If you have heard “Good Mawnin,” you’ll understand what we mean!

The song itself came easily to Ashley. Ironically, the song was inspired by a bad day! Brinton says, “I was having kind of a bad morning honestly and I wasn’t so motivated. When I got into the studio, I wanted to create a song that was going to hype me up.” She recorded the song that very night.

This sound captured in “Good Mawnin” is fully representative of Ashley Brinton as an artist and where she is at now in her career. “The feel is chill, mellow, trap and exactly where I want to go with my music, now and in the future!” says Brinton.

Accompanying the single is an original music video that encompasses the true sense of the song and lyrics. Shot in the South of France, the video maintains the easy-going, feel-good nature of the single. The scenes are all light hearted, about living life, making money and having killer days every day. Brinton says, “The Mediterranean was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and to be able to shoot a video there was such an amazing new experience!”

As for what’s ahead for Ashley Brinton, we can expect to see more of this genre from the singer. Ashley shares, “This is really a direct reflection of my music now and I am looking forward to creating more songs like this for my fans and the music community alike.”


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