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Published on March 12th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Republic Records’ BamSavage Talks Going From the Streets to the Suites…Literally

BamSavage, barely on the scene a year officially is blowing the doors off the industry beginning with his astoundingly popular “Feelings Aside” which dropped in 2018 to his new EP “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” which dropped March 8th, 2019 via Republic Records. What’s so amazing about this young lion’s story? He signed a major record deal with barely six songs on his SoundCloud, no videos, and no real history of making music though he did grow up in a family that surrounded him with music and his father was a DJ.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow is full of hauntingly beautiful joints that kind of defy standard definition yet have a familiarity which celebrates great timeless songs of times past. I hear he’s been called a “Trap-Jackson” type artist, the story behind which you’ll have to get from our conversation, so tune in below. No way to put that in black and white, you’ve gotta hear it!

Breaking down the EP, BamSavage points out that only track one “Loud Pact” is from recent recordings, the remainder of the project was recorded over nine months ago. According to Bam, this is the joint that teases what’s to come in his impending full-length project which he hopes to drop later this year. His new recording process sets aside the usual writing to beats and focuses on creating melodies and then building the beat around that…another story you have to hear from the horse!

From the streets to the suites, that’s the story of BamSavage…literally…tune in!

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