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Published on April 2nd, 2019 | by Guest Editor


AlphaCub’s Debut LP ‘Night Heart’ Is A Showcases An Eclectic Sonic Palette

AlphaCub’s debut LP Night Heart is out now. Equally inspired by science fiction like Blade Runner and Black Mirror as well as an eclectic sonic palette, the album was made for evenings.

Take your first listen now!

Here’s what AlphaCub had to say about the release:

“A ‘night heart’ is a euphemism for you’re side hustle, dark secret, other half, the one you still think about, the person you thought you were, the thing people see in you. It’s about what you see when you stare into the dark. I think the night stares right back at you. I love that feeling and I have big windows without curtains. I think a piece inherent to any human has that alter ego. I choose to embrace it and I’m always curious to see when others do as well.

This album is the my my relationship with my relationships. It’s all the times I thought I couldn’t and the one time that I could. It’s all the times you didn’t do it and that one time you did.”

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