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Published on April 9th, 2019 | by Darren Paltrowitz


“Blood & Treasure” Actress Anna Silk On Her Native Fredericton & What She Has Coming Up For Her

Anna Silk is an actress of Canadian origin who first turned heads internationally with her award-winning work on the Showtime series Lost Girl; she was the winner of the CSA Fan Choice Award for her role. She was also award-nominated for her work on Being Erica and will be seen in the upcoming CBS series Blood & Treasure. Although she no longer calls Fredericton home these days, the local population of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada proudly thinks of Anna Silk as one of their own.

While visiting the New Brunswick city known as Fredericton for this year’s Fredericton Craft Beer Festival, I was looped in with a friend of a friend of a friend of Anna Silk herself. Silk kindly answered some questions for me about Fredericton, explaining what time of year you ought to visit, where you should go to eat and what misses about the area. Also she advised of her next professional project.

More on Anna Silk can be found online at, while all things Fredericton are on the web at both and

For someone who hasn’t yet been to Fredericton, how would you describe it?

Anna Silk: I have said a version of this before but it’s worth repeating: to me, Frederictonians are friends you haven’t met yet! There is a very open and embracing quality to people there. And the city itself is simply beautiful. I can remember when I was in high school we had friends visiting for the first time and we were driving over the Westmorland Street bridge, which divides the North and South side of the city with the stunning St. John River, and they said “wow, this city is SO beautiful!”

That kind of knocked me over the head in terms of really starting to pay attention to the level of beauty that is Fredericton. There are so many great trails to walk, and in the summer so many people are out and about. It has an incredibly vibrant arts community—performing arts, fine arts, music, outdoor theatre and beautiful historic buildings. The art gallery in Fredericton is where I got married so it has extra special significance for me.

Is there any town or city that you can compare it to?

Anna Silk: I would say any small university/government town you would see in New England. Very east coast.

Is there anything you miss about Fredericton? Anything you can’t get in Los Angeles that you can in Fredericton?

Anna Silk: I have to say that people in Los Angeles are very open as well, but people in Fredericton really take ownership of the pride they have in their city and actively welcome people into it.

Have you ever encountered another person from Fredericton in Los Angeles?

Anna Silk: No, never! Not by chance anyway…

How often do you get back to Fredericton?

Anna Silk: Every year or two we get back to Fredericton. We spent a whole month there last summer and it was truly magical seeing my sons running around in the parks and city sites I grew up doing the same in. They spent time at my dad’s farm as well. They loved it all!

Do you have a favorite restaurant or bar to recommend?

Anna Silk: Yes! The night before we left we got food from the Cinnamon Cafe on King Street. I have been thinking about it ever since — it was amazing! I will definitely be going there as one of my first stops when we come back.

Is there a time of year you love most in Fredericton?

Anna Silk: Summer, for sure, and definitely fall — the leaves changing color is truly an incredible thing to witness.

Fredericton aside, what are you currently working on?

Anna Silk: I have a show coming out this summer that I was a fun part of. It’s called Blood & Treasure and will be on CBS. I got to film most of it in Montreal so it was great to be back in Canada and I even got to travel to Morocco for the show! I am also a very busy mama of two amazing boys.

Finally, Anna, any last words for the kids?

Anna Silk: Well, I would say Fredericton should certainly be a stop on your East Coast adventures at the very least. But planning a trip there is well worth the effort — go to Cinnamon Cafe, stop in to any of the pubs downtown for a pint, take the kids to Odell Park or the Splash Pad at Wilmot Park. There is stuff for the whole family.

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