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Published on April 2nd, 2019 | by Guest Editor


GRAMMY Nominated Singer-Songwriter Ajay Mathur’s New Video “Start Living Again”

Teaming Up With Provoke Films’ Ciro Ayala, His Latest Music Video Collaboration Comes Off 2018’s “Little Boat” LP

On the heels of his successful 2018 LP Little Boat” (which won “Best Album of the Year” at Germany’s 36th Annual Rock & Pop Awards) and following his latest music video “Time For Deliverance” – Singer/Songwriter Ajay Mathur is back with another powerful visual adaptation of his music with “Start Living Again”.

Mathur has once again collaborated with Filmmaker Ciro Ayala who created the video for yet another “Little Boat” single – “My Wallet Is A House of Cards” in 2018 (WATCH: Introduction by Ciro – the artist behind ‘My Wallet Is A House Of Cards’ video). Ayala says of his most recent creation “The house in ruins, rebuilding itself through the whole song, is a symbol of someone recovering from a troublesome relationship with the healing force of resilience. The artist abstractly represented as a flame of fire – floating in the air right at the center of the house – is a symbol of love, strength and inspiration to overcome ingrained blocks and obstacles.” which is certainly true of his powerful visuals. He continues “Before one is ready to start living again, one first needs to consume the fear of parting from a toxic relationship and be reborn from the ashes as a better version of one’s self: idea represented in the last scene of the music video, by the “free-spirited” bird.

On his own true inspiration behind the song, Ajay says the song comes straight out of his own life experience. By no means a “broken heart” song, or even a sad song for that matter, the artist says “It’s a song about making a decision on a relationship fallen apart. It’s about getting smart about your own life. It’s about a decision to pull yourself out of a bad relationship and start living again” and “Sometimes the best thing we can do is let something pass, get ourselves together, get some space and just move on to what comes next”.

Start Living Again is an album highlight which comes to the forefront with stripped back guitar and pleasant melodies. The slow-paced atmosphere works well as wailing echo-laden guitars drift in and out whilst the song pushes forward eagerly. There’s a definite Beatles influence here with its psychedelic, floaty nature that works really well.Jamie Parmenter, Vinyl Chapters

Start Living Again” brings down the beat as well as the message. A broken heart is the message this time and Mathur hits the subject straight on.Kath Galasso, Onstage Magazine

Start Living Again” starts off with a smattering of drums and the harmonious blend of Mathur’s vocals.  Mathur really belts out the tunes on this slower striding ballad. The track starts off strong, taking on the motto of ‘getting it together’ after any tremendous heartbreak.  Mathur’s vocals here conjure a bit of retro vibe with a New Wave twist to the Americana track.My Nguyen, Celebrity Café

Little Boat, Ajay Mathur’s newest album, was launched on its maiden voyage in the usual way in spring of this year. Quickly picked up by playlists and fans, the music and the album’s message of resilience has resonated with listeners and critics alike. Unlike previous projects, though, Little Boat has taken on a life of its own, picking up unexpected passengers along the way.

Independent of each other, diverse digital artists from around the globe including from Istanbul and Warsaw as well as an Argentinean in Los Angeles, heard a call and felt compelled to add some valuable cargo to Little Boat’s journey. The result is a colourful, complex and highly-imaginative work of animated accompaniments to Ajay’s songs.

The first of these, released earlier this year, is a quirky psychedelic and vibrant tribute to the title song ‘Little Boat’, composed by the young Turkish artist Mertcan Mertbilek. The next to be released was a provocative animated video to the stomping blues rocker ‘My Wallet is a House of Cards’. The images were inspired by the rebellious spirit of the song and depict a ruthless caricature of consumption and an increasingly indebted society. This stunning video was created by Argentine artist Ciro Ayala, who lives and works in Los Angeles. More videos are in the works and will hit the waves in the coming months.

Video artists are not the only passengers that have hopped on Little Boat’s journey. Besides the digital treasures, an illustrated children’s book by a writer in Delhi, India as well as a full-length novel weaving through the themes in Little Boat by an American living in Switzerland are in the works.

It is plain to see that Little Boat has left ripples in its wake, touching people at every port along the way. Rarely does an album inspire this kind of organic response and like any true adventure on the open seas, it is impossible to tell which way the winds will blow next. This music has opened up a whole new route on unchartered waters. Batten down the hatches because this Little Boat is on course to explore new and uncharted worlds.

As he continues to rack up tons of praise around the globe from both fans and critics alike, it seems 2019 will be yet another great year for Ajay Mathur!

Little Boat, which was given its final touches at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, is available in digital formats for download and streaming, as well as physical vinyl and compact disc album formats.

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