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Published on April 5th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Lyric Video Premiere: “Molly Molly” from Dynamic Daredevil

Songwriter, singer and dynamic daredevil Mardoll is on a journey to create extraordinary moments by creating revolutionary music. Born in Austria to a Brasilian-Hungarian mother and American father, Mardoll has journeyed throughout the world falling in love with people and places outside the mainstream. It was in her current home of NYC that she connected with Grammy-nominated producer and DJ MING, who helped her craft her new single “Molly Molly” and her forthcoming EP “Aim Higher.

”When asked about the origin of the song she said,“‘Molly Molly’”came from an eventful night out with degenerates. Hungover and on a comedown, we had to call in reinforcements to get our mood up to party. ‘Molly Molly’ serves as a rally song for my friends and I. It’s inspired by literally having to call in favors in order for us to keep partying … because that’s what 20-somethings do!” The lyric video for “Molly Molly” premieres today alongside the digital single. Her new EP “Aim Higher” is set to drop later this Spring.

Check Out the new Track “Molly Molly.”

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