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Published on April 5th, 2019 | by Jason Bourne


Silas Luster – W.A.V


A member of the BuLife, which is a collective of creators in Hip Hop representing Provincetown, MA. As a whole the y pride themselves on their honest music that is built on transparent lyrics. Be. You. Life is their slogan. With three collaborations under his belt with the crew, The Rosenhan Experiment, Cape Tippin, and The Nor’easter Tape as well as countless freestyles and singles, Silas Luster has stepped out on a solo mission with the release of his W.A.V. EP

On the opening track, Sion, Silas comes in with great energy painting the picture of the surrounding environments that framed his upbringing. Bars from his perspective that could easily be applied to anyone with a certain knowledge of self. “…..I will forever remain, Silas” resonates as you think back to the groups mantra. Powerful, and necessary. His bars run out with a passion and purpose setting a great tone and anticipation for the project as a whole. “I bent the script you men just exist…..” or lines like “I owe the system a F**k You” are reminiscent of a time when Hip Hop was blatant. The fading instrumentals are galvanizing as the bridge and continuation of the rhythm are alluring. Metaphors in reference to the iconic George Gervin make any bar-master proud.

Moldamensions answered my need for interludes which I think are missing in Hip Hop today. A drum – used in a pattern that speaks to the Golden Era, as Silas Luster molds spoken word into Hip Hop. I applaud you my brother. Keep architecting your flow.

“I spoke these with the will up hill against gravity / What’s against us – our space relates / Release the hate – Un-light the right / The left is dancing …..”

Moldamensions is full of gems. Diewitit furthers Silas’ expression of his consciousness. Far from rhetoric, its poetic nature is easy to digest; that is if you think on a higher level which something tells me was the brothers’ goal.O.S.H.N has soul. Like its’ creator. The BPMs are increased. A good change of pace. Less Rappity Rap if you will, but in its place – art. As a fan of Ghostface, I can appreciate this.

Ceasium Atum brings us back to the baseline of the EP with more cinematography in words. Brass in his hook, F**k Your Perception of Time. Tell us how you really feel Silas. If you learn nothing, absorb this – Remain in control of your own. Closing out the ep, with 2004, Silas plays on words in a jazzy manner laying claim to his responsibility to represent for his hometown while laying an example for what doing Hip Hop your way should feel like:

“My N—— made it from a cadence / underrated I’m ya chicks favorite / Praise it this is greatness, celebrated / Nights spent frustrated in the basement I stayed in – writing life”

W.A.V is available via all major retail outlets. Check out the opening track, Sion below:

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