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Published on April 20th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Tanis Explores New Love In “Would Be You”

Alternative pop singer and songwriter, Tanis, has released her long-awaited follow up to 2016’s Blackout EP. “Would Be You” blends subtle/reflective pop melodies with a down-tempo production that is punctuated by echoing synth lines. It’s a warm and immersive soundscape which reflects the subject matter; the track is Tanis’ exploration of new love and the rush of excitement and fear that can come with it. Despite the risk of getting hurt “Would Be You” is a single that shines through the cracks within the clouds and finds the courage to follow one’s heart and to jump into the arms of a new person.

Raised by a French animator and a Singaporean model with a childhood spent traveling, including lengthy stints in the Bahamas, France and Switzerland, this multifaceted musician now calls Los Angeles home. Tanis teamed up with fellow Angeleno, Dave Weingarten, to bring the polishing touches to “Would Be You”. Weingarten’s atmospheric arrangement and subtle mixing perfectly blend with Tanis’ emotive vocal to create an evocative soaring ballad.

Having spent a globetrotting childhood, it is perhaps not so unusual that when Tanis got her first musical break it was in China, composing the theme score for the Disney film Trail Of The Panda at age 14. Since then Tanis has continued to explore film composition as well as her songwriting journey. 2016 saw the release of her debut EP Blackout, and had her song “Ce n’est Pas Moi” licensed for the Focus Features film Thoroughbreds (2018). Fans can stay tuned for much more from Tanis throughout 2019!

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