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Published on April 29th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


The Bergamot Releases “Ceasefire” Speaking Out About Depressions And Gun Violence

The video is a “psychedelic fantasia” that sweeps the listener into the song using colors, shapes, and movement. The Bergamot follows up critically acclaimed singles “P.D.R.” & “Periscope” with “Ceasefire” co-produced by Matt Wiggins (Adele, Florence + the Machine, Glass Animals)

“Truly One of 2019’s Finest Songs”

– Kevin Hugger / mp3hugger

The Bergamot has released a poignant new track that takes aim at the effects of depression and psychological warfare in the modern age.
In a previous article by The Hype Magazine “Suicide Rates Spike Nationally Among Youth After “13 Reasons Why” Release. We are clearly seeing an uptick in suicides related tied to popular media – especially amongst younger generations. Depression rates increase and gun violence continues to spike at an alarming rate among millennials/teens, “Ceasefire” explores the slow meander and rhythmic repetitiveness of a creeping depression. The lyrics poignantly illuminate depression and psychological warfare under the influences of a modern technopoly. The final lyrics break the listener away into a euphoric space with a cacophony of harmonies, synths, and guitar riffs lifting the listener up to a finale.
As we have seen depression rates and gun violence spike in the U.S. with suicide death rates up 34% across the US since 2000 (Business Insider), 40,000 people were killed in shootings last year amid a growing number of suicides involving firearms (The Guardian), all combined with 2,029 mass shootings since the Sandy Hook Tragedy (Vox) yet the music industry has continued to proliferate physical and mental abuse, the use of firearms, and stayed silent on mental disorders.
“Ceasefire” marks the second single produced and engineered by Matt Wiggins (UK). The Bergamot is set to release a full-length album this summer/fall with London based producer/engineer Matt Wiggins (Adele, Florence + the Machine, Glass Animals) via AWAL.

“Ceasefire” has been named “One of 2019’s Finest Songs” by mp3hugger

The song winds the listener patiently through the delusions of someone suffering with inner turmoil and resolving to a finale and uplifting tone.
The band was recently featured in Rock Band: Rivals being named one of the “Hottest Emerging Music Talents” by People Magazine launching them into the international spotlight. The duo successfully raised over $31,500 on Kickstarter to support the creation of their upcoming album. Other recent features include The Daily Mirror (UK) & The Daily Record (UK).
On January 2nd, 2016 The Bergamot packed up their belongings in Brooklyn, NY and headed out on the open road to find themselves. 50,000 miles across 50 states as one of the most vicious elections was setting in on an unexpecting nation. What the band experienced and found along the way changed their lives forever. “Ceasefire” was written along this epic journey reflecting the lessons learned along the way.
The Band is currently co-producing a full-length documentary called “State of the Unity” filmed over the entire journey in 2016 set to be released later this year. 2018 was marked by The Bergamot opening for the X Ambassadors, BANNERS, and Bea Miller. The duo is set to announce a summer 2019 tour that includes headlining dates at this year’s Wanderlust Music Festival.
For more visit TheBergamot.com

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