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Wayne Ayers: The New Generation of Media Entrepreneurship

From homelessness to a full-time entrepreneur; Wayne Ayers embodies what most may consider ” From rags to riches.” Although adversity intertwined with Ayers throughout his life; Wayne decided to change his path and pursue his dreams at all cost. Growing up in the small town of Bremerton, Wayne Ayers was nearly homeless from 7th to 12th grade; bouncing in between the homes of his colleagues and at times catching the train to Seattle to obtain a decent amount of slumber before beginning his days at school.

Growing up with an absentee father; Wayne beat the odds and made a name for himself. Along with his mother being diagnosed with sarcoidosis while in sixth grade; Ayers focused on his future outside his adversity. Wayne realized that more was waiting for him outside of his budding neighborhood.

After graduating high school, Ayers moved to Los Angeles and attended East Los Angeles Community College. While attending university; Ayers worked as a bank teller at Broadway Federal Bank. While working and studying; Ayers Media company WhereistheBuzz was born. Acting as an outlet throughout his schedule; what started as an Instagram page turned into extraordinary passion for this modern day entrepreneur. Joining his sister as a videoagrapher on numerous red carpets sparked Ayers passion to flourish in the entertainment business.

After six months into his banking job; Ayers despised his position and decided to quit; dedicating his time into making WhereistheBuzz a bonafide media business.  Fast forward to the present,  WhereistheBuzz has covered numerous red carpet events while the growing company has interviewed A-list celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Michael B Jordan, Olivia Munn, John Cena and more. This modern tale fairy tale showcases that with hard work and dedication; we are able to make are dreams into reality.

The Hype Magazine decided to chat with Wayne Ayers about his future plans and passions while exploring the mindset of this modern media mogul.

Hype: As you see yourself, Who is Wayne Ayers, both as an entrepreneur and an individual?

Ayers: Wayne Ayers as an entrepreneur wants to show his greatness to the world. He works hard and doesn’t get much sleep at night because all things he wants to accomplish. He doesn’t miss out on any good opportunities and doesn’t take anything for granted in life. He wants to see the people around him succeed and excel at a high level. He’s very thankful for the people who have helped or continuing to help throughout his journey.

Wayne Ayers as person is just about his family and friends. Also cares about real issues like Flint, Michigan not having clean water in 5 years and the government doesn’t care. The damage America has don’t to Libya a country that was on the up-rise unless than a decade ago but now looks worse than a third world country. Wayne care about black history like the history before black people were brought over as slaves. We were once royalty and the most powerful people in the world. We aided the European when they went through their problems. I always wonder were we went wrong between those time periods. Wayne is an employee to the culture. He wants to see everybody win and evolve. He’s honest and a reliable person.

Hype: What brought you to this industry and the development of Whereisthebuzz specifically and why is this important?

Ayers: My sister Kiki Ayers does red carpet reporting and she’s probably the best publicist on the planet. I use to work as a videoagrapher with her when she did her interviews. I noticed they weren’t really any people of color on the carpets and there was nobody my age or younger on the carpet. If there was any black or Latino outlets they would be at the end of the carpet. Which makes no sense at all because we are culture and we create the new trends. You see little white kids doing our dances, listening to our tunes, and try to dress and act like us which isn’t a problem but don’t try to downplay our significance to society. Anyway, I wanted to start WhereistheBuzz to give people that look me and that are my age the opportunity to do a red carpet to do a press junket to go to an album release party.

Hype: What are your most memorable interviews that you have participated in while being on the red carpet?

Ayers: The Sandra Bullock interview with the movie BirdBox because it just blow up on Christmas Day. Another one is Angela Bassett at the Bumblebee premiere. She is one of the most amazing people on this planet today. Erykah Badu has me crying laughing on the Red Carpet she has really beautiful soul.

Hype: What other passions do you have besides Whereisthebuzz? Will you also pursue these passions in the near future?

Ayers: I come from a small town called Bremerton, Washington. After High School most people enter the military or go to their local community college and then find job they hate. They are so many talented people in my hometown some might be more talented than me but sometimes you do all you know. I wanted to create a festival in my hometown called “BremFest” so I can show people from my city that are in high school, middle school, or elementary that there is so much more than entering a military after high school. I want to create a festival that motivates people to do something with their life because you only get one.

Another thing I want to do is get into real estate. I see some people just collect rent on the 1st of the month and then they go travel. I really want to own like 10 properties before I turn 30. I’ve been wanting to ask David Gross to help me out with that the dude is the best in the business. He helped a King in Nipsey Hussle build a stem center in the hood called Vector 90. RIP to Nipsey Hussle the man is bigger than life. Nipsey was doing everything the right way. Some rappers make it big and forget about their communities. He reinvested in his communities he cared for the youth. Nipsey Hussle is what a black man supposed to be and it really makes me questions humanity. Something like that should never happen to a person like that.

I also want to build a couple of apps and do a documentary on Benjamin Banneker. Since I love films I would love to direct a feature film before I’m 30.

Hype: What future plans do you have planned for Whereisthebuzz?

Ayers: We really want to start fusing our content in more technological ways. The future is digital, we watch TV shows and movies through our phones. We find about the latest news through our phones. We are looking to do groundbreaking things with the use of technology this next decade.

Hype: Last but not least, HYPE wants to know… How have you seen Whereisthebuzz make an impact in the Entertainment Industry and the lives of the entertainment loving consumers?

Ayers: I think we made a big impact with films. The other day I was in small screening room in Beverly Hills with outlets like Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes. I think people really appreciate us because we are mostly positive and we tell The the truth. We are young so we connect and relate more to the younger generation.







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