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Published on April 17th, 2019 | by Jae Monique


Who Is Darius Slaughter?

Darius Slaughter is the author of a number one Amazon best-selling book titled “Hostile: An Urban Tragedy.” The book gives readers a true story of his inner struggles, failures, and accomplishments delivered in the most intense way as he played the “game of life.”

In an interview with Darius Slaughter, he revealed how he became a writer, the most important aspects of a book, and who his favorite authors are.

Jae Monique: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Darius Slaughter: I started writing in elementary school. I was bussed to a magnet school and was actually the first black kid to be enrolled there. I was an anomaly and didn’t have a lot of friends so I wrote, excelled in sports, and stayed to myself. I won poetry contests and other writing contests at an early age all while taking tri-weekly visits to the principles office for fighting after being called racial slurs.

JM: Who are your favorite authors?

Slaughter: On a conventional level Donald Goines, James Baldwin, James Patterson, Alec Haley, Issac Asimov, Malcolm X, and so many others. My reading appetite is highly varied and voracious ranging from history to mystery, religion, biographies, and even fantasy. Also, as I came up during the ‘golden age’ of Hip Hop, I would have to mention the masters of audio poetry such as KRS-ONE, Kool G Rap, Ice T, Jay Z, and NAS.

JM: What is the most important thing about a book in your opinion?

Slaughter: That depends on the genre of the book. I look for thorough explanations and facts in historic type of books, while in fictional, fantasy, and mystery books I look for thorough character development and crisp details. I believe a great book creates an actual mo in your head– characters, situations, and places take form due to the writer’s skills and talents.

JM: You are a speaker as well. Explain your first speaking engagement.

Slaughter: Ironically, my first speaking engagement involved me returning to the prison unit I had left months before to speak at the graduation of a business program I had graduated from. It was surreal to walk back through the gates as a civilian and speak to the men at pre-release as they prepared to re-enter society. It was an awesome feeling to give back and hopefully cement the will of those who were as yet undecided as to their future paths and endeavors.

JM: What topics do you generally talk about?

Slaughter: The topics I speak on usually depend on the audience. For young adults, I usually speak on making smart, educated decisions. I generally push literacy and knowledge–encourage them to research facts in the information so readily available via social media and news. Critical thinking seems to be a lost art in the newer generation and I push them to research versus accepting everything as fact. For those who have been at odds with the law, I simply state that life is what you make it. Above and beyond societies’ labels and restrictions, hard work, imagination, and faith in yourself will raise you infinitely above the expectations of those who seek to limit you.

As for decision makers, I urge them to see beyond past transgressions, charges, and labels and look at the individual. I believe the decision makers should allow them the chance to prove themselves in the social, work, and financial climate. If they excel, allow them their just ascension.

“Hostile: An Urban Tragedy” is a number one Amazon best-seller. It’s the true story of a young man who tried to live the American dream but found himself faced with tremendous obstacles on all sides. In his quest for money, power, and respect, he put his life at risk. Due to his talents, brains, and will to survive, he was eventually led to success. This story is a modern day fable speaking to a generation raised by music videos and video games.

Website: www.hostilebook.com
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