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Who is Rising Pop Star C’Marie?!

Back Story – Before being the opening for the hit boy group B2K, C’Marie began her career at the age of just two years old. At a young age, C’Marie began dancing and became a national champion. It wasn’t long until she was dancing in Mindless Behavior music videos and appeared on “The Ellen Show”, “X-FACTOR” and” Nickelodeon”. But she’s more than a dancer, she’s also a singer, having a history as a girl group member in Paperdolzz and has worked with legendary vocal coaches. Years later, she is now a solo artist signed under the management of Keith L Craig with La Dolce Vita Entertainment Group and a sales manager at Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

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This triple package- a songwriter, dancer, and singer, is in line to be the next big thing and fans across California got the perfect taste while she was appearing on The Millennium tour in Atlanta on April 5th and California from April 11th until the 13th. C’Marie performed her upcoming singles Executive Produced by A1, “Action” as well as “Poozies” while on tour, but fans can also listen to the third single “Be Nice” which was a highly anticipated release this Spring.

The Hype Magazine got C’Marie to weigh in on a few things

Introduce us to C’Marie!

From the outside looking in, C’Marie is an artist that portrays female leadership and provides music that people can relate to in their everyday life.  She is a performer/entertainer and with her dancing background and experience on stage she lives to make her audience feel the movement from her show.  She is motivated by each fan dancing and singing to her songs.

What made you kick off the dancing shoes and take center stage as an artist?

What brought me out of my dancing shoes to take center stage started with my move to Los Angeles to pursue my dancing career.  I suddenly realized dance was not my passion and wanted to be a broader entertainer versus only a dancer. 

Tell us about your current project

My most current project has been my album with A1 Bentley and coming off tour with B2K. I’m also working with other producers to find the next sound.  Also, working on securing my own tour and possibly broadening into fashion as well.

What do you get from music?

I get this feeling of being safe when I hear music. I’ve grown up with music my whole life so it just takes me back to my safe place.  I can’t do much but sleep without studying and listing to music.

What’s the best thing for you about being center stage?

Best thing about being center stage is it feeds my inner Leo. I’m all about the attention on me haha. Also when I’m on stage it’s like everything else doesn’t matter I just get to go up there and do what I love to do.

Tell us about your passions outside of music if you have any

I don’t have any passions outside of music. It has been my whole life so I haven’t gotten into anything besides music. I do have an Addiction with French bulldogs and currently have three haha. 

Last but not least, tell us about your craziest “Where they do that at?!” moment thus far in your career!

My Craziest “where they do that at” moment has really been to many to count lol. This music industry has really taught me some valuable lessons and just seeing the way people move and take advantage of situations has been crazy. Or when people promise you they can do something for you but actually, end up just wanting money from you. It all has been eye opening and great growing experiences for my team and me. 

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