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Cartel Dough: From Arkansas to CEO

Cartel Dough is a rap artist with his own unique sound, echoing the organic feel of trap music with the wordplay of a lyricist that is ready to dominate the music industry.

Originally from Arkansas, Cartel left to pursue his music dreams in Atlanta, the African-American Mecca, and Hollywood for the hip-hop culture. Cartel knew that he wanted to build a rapport beyond the typical “rapper”. It didn’t take long for Cartel to take his career in his own hands. Against all odds, Cartel knew that he was meant to become more than the small-town worker of Arkansas. Determination and hard work designated Cartel to buy his own studio equipment and dedicate his time to curating his sound; ultimately becoming the CEO of his own record label Profit Cartel Music, LLC.

As a rapper, Cartel Dough is influenced by iconic rap figures such as Master P, Tupac, and T.I. Cartel is about channeling the essence of himself throughout his musical ballads. Cartel’s lyrics resemble his life experiences throughout Arkansas, Atlanta and everywhere in-between his hustle and continuous grind to the top of the music charts. Collaborations include but are not limited to artists such as Boosie, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and Quando Rondo.

The Hype decided to chat with Cartel Dough to dig deeper into this artist mindset.

Hype: What made you decide to ultimately pursue music? 

Cartel: I always had music in my head since I was little. I got my money up and decided to do it independently.

Hype: How was your childhood growing up in Arkansas? 

Cartel: Fun! My whole family lived within a one-mile radius from each other. It was interesting because I wasn’t used to rich black people until I moved to Atlanta.

Hype: What was your epiphany moment when making the decision to leave Arkansas?

Cartel: I was going through relationship problems with my girlfriend at the time and lost my job so I didn’t have anything else tying me to Arkansas.

Hype: How are the dynamics of the music industry scene in Arkansas vs. Atlanta?

Cartel: There isn’t a platform for music for artists really. Outside of local acts, there isn’t really much opportunity like you have for the mainstream in Atlanta.

Hype: What made you decide to start your own record level? 

Cartel: I always knew I was too bossed up to sign to somebody else. 

Hype: Are there any challenges being a CEO of your record label while you are still developing as an artist? 

Cartel: YES! Unlike a signed artist, I have to learn ALL sides to the industry. From the business side down to the marketing. And then STILL be a rapper.

Hype: What can we expect next coming from Cartel Dough? 

Cartel: A lot more music, a lot more videos, a lot more media …. expect to see me everywhere.


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