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Published on May 2nd, 2019 | by Darren Paltrowitz


Dirty Heads’ Duddy B On Touring With 311, New Music & More

Dirty Heads has been redefining the sound of Southern California since 2003. With over 700 million streams to date, the group has been inhaling alternative, hip-hop, reggae and rock and exhaling one irresistible, infectious anthem after another. Its discography includes six studio albums and eight Top 20 hits, including the RIAA gold-certified smash “Lay Me Down.”

Following its spring tour with The Hip Reduction, 311 and Dirty Heads will join forces to bring their hybrid alternative sound and good vibes to amphitheaters nationwide this summer for The Sounds Of Summer Tour. Special guests The Interrupters will join on select dates of the Live Nation-produced tour, which kicks off on July 2nd. Dreamers and Bikini Trill will also join the tour as support.

On May 1st — the day in which Live Nation launched National Concert Week, giving fans the chance to buy $20 tickets for thousands of concerts including select 311 and Dirty Heads shows — I spoke with the Dirty Heads’ Duddy B by phone. Some highlights from our Q&A are below, while the full chat will be appearing on a future edition of the Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz podcast.

How long did you know that this tour with 311 was booked for?

Duddy B: We’ve known for quite a bit. It’s been in talks and the talks were for quite a bit… We’re super-excited about it. One of the first national tours we ever did, I don’t even know how long ago that must’ve been, 15 years ago or so? It was with them… So now to be going back full circle and doing the co-headlining thing is pretty cool.

Both you and them have a lot in common in terms of melding together genres that people would normally say that you shouldn’t or couldn’t meld together. But I’m curious when you first realized that you guys were right in terms of knowing that you could just sound like the Dirty Heads and that’s it.

Duddy B: You know it’s funny, we never really sat down and said like, “Oh let’s write this type of music.” We would just sit in my room with the acoustic guitars and machines and we would just mess around and I’d kind of just write plenty raps and stuff. It kind of just happens. It’s just, this is the sound that comes out of us when we start playing music.

Speaking of new music, I saw a press release from you guys back in March that was touting the tour and said that new music was in the works. Can you give me an update on where we might be seeing a follow-up to your latest album?

Duddy B: We just finished it and we’re really excited about it. I’m really proud of this, the work we did on this album, but at this point we don’t have a release date or anything yet. So I can’t say too much about it.

But you do know that it is mastered and mixed?

Duddy B: It’s mastered, lyrics done and it sounds great. And we’re just kind of trying to make the best plans for the release right now.

Are there any plans to play songs from that on the upcoming tour with 311?

Duddy B: We’ve talked about it and we haven’t quite decided yet.

How far ahead in your schedule do you know? For example you’ve got an album done, you’ve got the 311 tour… Some bands I’ll talk to say “Oh yeah, we know the next three years of scheduling.” How far ahead does Dirty Heads usually work?

Duddy B: We definitely have long-term plans as far as where we want to be. What we need to do to get there. But I think we’re about a year, we kind of plan our tours somewhere within a year or so. We know we’ll probably tour this long off an album and then get back in the studio and do it all again.

Is there something that you wish more people knew about the band?

Duddy B: I just want people to listen to the music and I hope they enjoy the music. If they do, come out to the show. That’s really all about now.

That is a unique thing about your band, that it is about the music and it is about the live show. When you record a studio album, do you think that the songs are done? Or do you think that songs are going to continue to grow live and you ultimately incorporate all that?

Duddy B: As far as do we feel like it’s done for the album? Yes… We won’t release it until we think it’s done. But do the songs tend to sometimes grow as you play them for years life? Yeah, I tend to have little things here and there… So we play them just like they are, but it’s just kind of whatever happens, you know?

So finally, any last words for the kids?

Duddy B: Yeah, we’ll see you this summer.

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