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Exclusive: Pop Star ROYSE Talks Surviving Sexual Assault, Body Shaming and more

Back Story – ROYSE’s sound is touted as being reminiscent of Katy Perry and Lily Allen’s clever and charming melodies, mixed with Adele’s powerful vocals. Royse’s lyrics are inspired by her own journey, and she offers a message of hope and resilience to her fans after overcoming unimaginable hurdles including sexual assault and attempted suicide. After experiencing body shaming, ROYSE has become a passionate advocate for body positivity and inclusivity for all.

ROYSE showcases her musical power on her latest single “If I Loved You” which is an amazing adventure musically and a beautiful statement on deep soulful connection with another person and having the willingness to let go and perhaps…let love!

We got ROYSE to weigh in on a few things including her journey to return from the abyss after suffering a horrendous life experience, self doubt and a suicide attempt…

Give us your view of the artist ROYSE from the outside looking in!

Royse is someone who wants to shine a little light in this dark world by loving on others. She is someone who writes and sings from the heart and wants to share those pieces of her heart with others. 

What inspired your new hit single “If I Loved You”?

To me love is so big. It’s something you can’t explain. That being said, I met this guy while working and we had this deep connection.  I’ve always been so closed off to love, but when I met him, I was like, “wow!’ What if I could do this? What If I actually allowed myself to love someone? And I asked myself what would that be like? And I wrote this song.

What brought you to music and what do YOU get in return?

I feel like music and me were always meant to be. I couldn’t imagine my life not singing and sharing my heart with people. I almost feel like it chose me. I get everything in return. Its who I am! Music keeps me alive.

Tell us about overcoming the challenges of being a victim of sexual assault, did you blame yourself at first?

Being a Survivor of sexual assault comes with so many challenges. New challenges every day. I really found so much healing through my relationship with God. At first, I did blame myself. I was mad that I put myself in that situation. I felt ashamed and guilty and like I had no voice. It took me a long time to realize- ” you know what this isn’t my fault. I was a victim.” And that was extremely difficult to come to terms with, but I have found so much freedom and have found my voice again. I want to stand up and lift other’s hands who feel like they can’t go on.

What would you share with others who think all is lost when they go through this type of horrendous ordeal?

You’re not alone. Your pain is understood. Take all the time you need to heal. Don’t let people make you think this is just something you can get over in a day. 

I also really believe in the power of prayer. So, when you feel like you have no strength, ask God for more, because he gave me the strength and courage to carry on when I felt like I couldn’t.

Being comfortable in your own skin and body is a timely topic of discussion today, how does it affect mental wellbeing to be a victim of body shaming or other types of categorical bullying?

You know there are days where I feel hot and confident. Then there are days I feel so ashamed of my body. But I have to remind myself – this is my body. My body is amazing. I have two legs that can run. Arms that can lift me up. My body is not here to please others. I don’t owe anyone anything with my body. I am beautiful and the opinions of others do not matter. I am healthy, happy, and hot. If anyone tells you, you need to look a type of way, laugh it off because you are worth far more than just the outside of your body!!

Sharing your journey through your music, what’s been the most satisfying type of fan reach out to you?

Wow there’s been so many memorable moments. I think anytime a fan tells me my music helped them when they were down. That always makes my heart feel like it could explode.

What’s next for you in 2019?

A lot and I’m so excited! I’m going to be releasing a lot more music, filming more videos and touring! so look out for more new stuff.

What’s been your craziest “Where they do that at?!” or WTF moment thus far in your music career?

I had a crazy moment, when my dress decided it wanted to blow up in my face on stage during a Highschool Nation show, and I had to pretend to be Marilyn Monroe. I definitely thought to myself, “WTF!”


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