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Glasses Malone Explains Why He “Undershot” Nipsey Hussle By Comparing Him To Tupac!

The west coast Loc vows to go harder with upcoming releases and explains his message that he wants the masses to hear.

Glasses Malone is one of the more well-respected emcees out of the west. The raspy voiced, Watts, OG has earned his stripes both on the streets and in the studio and although he hasn’t released any solo projects since his 2015, “GlassHouse 2, album, he’s been cooking up something very hot to be released very soon. With several features under his belt, G. Malone has been in the booth with heavy hitters like, The Game, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Birdman as well as Snoop Dogg and the recently deceased, Nipsey Hussle. His “Eastsidin” video featuring Snoop Dogg and Nipsey Hussle has reached over a million views on YouTube and “That Good” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and C Ballin is approaching 2-million views. Malone was also featured on Netflix’s “The Fastest Cars” series which gave him the opportunity to showcase his other passion; street racing. The “Blu Division” leader plans to pull no punches when he returns back on the scene with new music. With 10-mixtapes and a couple of studio albums to his credit, Glasses is far from done.

I caught up with, Malone. He explains his “crazy” comparison of Nipsey Hussle to Jesus, keeps it a buck on gang banging and explains why the truth rarely feels good.

I know, Nip’s passing was tough on you, but the, Loc has been too silent on this. I definitely wanted to get your take on what, Nipsey meant to the game and how his life was taken.

Glasses Malone: I mean… it’s fucked up more than anything. It’s bittersweet to see the love that he’s getting. I’ve been saying, you really get to see his energy. He’s been trying to showcase his energy while trapped inside of his body kind of hindered his progression. He was figuring out ways to slowly get it to everybody, but it was a long process. I watched him for 10-years try to deliver his energy onto the world and he started making a lot more progress. His body not hindering his spirit and his energy anymore, you really get to see what he made of at this point. It’s a beautiful thing to see, but it’s real bittersweet because he’s not here to see it and feel it. He would light up and smile because everybody is finally getting the picture. The other day I was at the, “Crush Groove” concert and Jay Rock was another guy I knew early on. I knew, Jay Rock before I knew, Nipsey. To see, Jay Rock and to be able to hug him and tell him I’m proud of him and to see him smile and be warm on the inside. I know he felt how proud and genuinely happy I was for him. He fought so hard. Just like, Nip and our whole ‘new west’ class fought so hard to get our energy recognized. To watch, Nip slowly progress and everybody now starting to catch up when he was alive, but now everybody finally caught up. Jay Rock is getting his now which is amazing. I’m glad one of them get to see it. I know our struggles. I know what our struggles were really like.

Do you remember when and what your last conversation with, Nip was about?

Glasses Malone: A couple of weeks ago about marketing; nothing special. I told him I had something special that I wanted to show him. It wasn’t even a long conversation. I’ve been so focused on delivering prophecies that, Jay-Z and Birdman and different people had for me. Dr. Dre… it’s about delivering prophecies, so I have literally been face down in trying to deliver that.

You tweeted awhile back that, Nipsey was like this generations, Tupac. You received a lot of backlash for that tweet, but since he passed, you see a lot of people make the comparison.

Glasses Malone: I remember that tweet too. It’s funny because I’m in the car with my buddy, Tony Nario… I’m in the car with him and we were just talking about comparing, Nipsey to Tupac. Honestly, in depth, it’s probably an understatement. I probably undershot him. He’s more, Jesus than Tupac. He’s Los Angeles’ Jesus and I know that sounds crazy, but his energy outside of his body, maybe not necessarily what he wanted to project, but his energy outside of his body is closer to, Jesus than Tupac. I know that sounds weird, but I thought about it. I did enough reading on it and pondered that thought, Nip is Los Angeles’ Jesus. It’s crazy to even hear myself say that, but it’s crazy like that.

Does it feel like he had so much left here to do or do you think his time here was done and he moved on to a better place? It’s crazy to me we only have one studio album from him.

Glasses Malone: We always debated this, and I always felt music was never important enough to him. I would tell him, “Your records ain’t important enough to you.” Nip is so messaging and impactful; records last. I think his time was well spent and executed. People will continue the marathon for him, but I personally believe it was a lot more time for people to misunderstand his message. He did it as well as it could be done in that amount of time coming from where we come from. It’s hard to do it as well. To find men who have done it that well that fast, it only can be like the story of, Jesus Christ. He really utilized his time impressively and you can tell. You can tell what his impact was once his spirit was free from his body.

Last thing on that situation and then I will move on. Does that tragic event change the way you move, G or do you still move around the same?

Glasses Malone: I gotta double down. Nip spirit being freed makes me make sure I remember one thing he told me more than anything, “You gotta be even more authentic.” So, I have to double down on everything. If I thought I was going to go a little softer, that’s out. I’m going to go harder and harder and harder. I’m going to beat the message into people’s head.

Looking at your social media, that seems to be the approach for what you are working on now musically. It almost seems like offending people is the goal.

Glasses Malone: Based on another conversation I was just having with, Tony about it, the lie always brought peace. If you cheating on your ole lady and you tell her, “I didn’t cheat on you.” It’ll bring a level of peace. The truth has always brought drama. The truth has always brought war. So, while my purpose is not to offend, the truth is offensive, so my goal is to just keep spreading truth. I just want to spread truth. That’s why I’m here, you feel me. That’s my design. My design won’t let me do anything but spread truth. Whether we are talking about music, boxing or life, I gotta be unapologetically honest and truthful. I pray my message don’t offend people. I hate that my thoughts offend people, but I have grown to accept it now. I accept it. When Jesus was telling the truth it offended people, to the point to where they killed him. He was on the cross for days in that story and nobody took him down off the cross. Nobody risked their freedom to take him down off the cross. Nobody did anything. They just let him die. The truth has always been offensive, and my design is telling the truth, so I found peace in people being offended by the truth. I have to because other than that I probably wouldn’t have purpose to exist.

I’m glad you mentioned that because you caught a ton of heat for comments about R. Kelly and Kanye West recently. I think sometimes people think you are trolling, but I know you well enough to know that you are speaking your truth.

Glasses Malone: No! I’m not. People like messages that feel good to them. The truth never feels good. The truth rarely feels good. The truth is like a pill the size of a dick and don’t nobody want to swallow a dick. I’ve learned to not give a fuck. As much as I give a fuck, I’ve learned to make sure that I don’t give a fuck about how I feel. So why I may not be able to give a fuck about how other people feel, I’ve learned to not give a fuck about how I feel about how they feel as crazy as that may sound. That’s working for me.

I know you can’t too much into it, but you are working on something that I think will receive a mixed bag of reactions and I know you are prepared for that mixed bag because you can’t touch on a subject as sensitive as what you are touching on without a mixed reaction.

Glasses Malone: I have been making music this whole time over the last 4-years. I’m not releasing it. I just couldn’t keep going with my message being ignored by the masses. So, I had to really dig down and start focusing on marketing. How to market. How to make sure people got the message. I feel like my message is too important to me. It’s the reason why I rap at this point. I started rapping to start a business. At this point the thing that’s driving me is spreading the message. People being able to ignore my message is counter-productive to me rapping. I haven’t stopped rapping this whole time. I’ve always made records. I probably got five albums. I produced an album on, Tony, I’ve let people have records, I did records with Mack 10. I’ve done records on everybody at this point. But, for myself, releasing content, I can’t be okay with the message being ignored at this point. I had to focus on that. So, what’s driving me now in terms of releasing more content is, making sure my message is even more pure than ever before. I try not to work on truths. My truth versus your truth. I try to work on facts; hardcore facts.

Whether the fact that, R. Kelly… people painting him as a predator when I think, if anything he just have sex a little too much sex for the average man. I’m getting the facts of what’s going on based off of the facts somebody else spreading a narrative. That lie that they are spreading that he is some kind of sexual predator against children versus he has had sex with women of all ages and women that haven’t came out that he slept with; thousands upon thousands of women. The lie brings everybody together on a witch-hunt. The truth of what I’m saying separates people. It makes you look at yourself, it makes you look at friends, it makes you look individually. And to me that’s the only way you can truly get justice. Justice needs to be individualized. It’s hard to do it and it’s not fair. I just try my best to keep an open mind about everything and then deliver content.

Before I let you go; you keep referring to your message and wanting your message to be heard and reach the masses. What is your message?

Glasses Malone: Overall you shouldn’t be a gang member. It starts with that. And if you’re going to be a gang member, know these things can and will happen. Know these things can and will happen. I’m just an, OG on the porch telling all the lil homies the story of things that I’ve seen across my life. The facts that I know. The truth that I know. The facts that I’ve witnessed. Things that I have been privy to. I’m trying to bring clarity into something that’s sweeping the nation. Gang banging is sweeping the nation and I’m vested in it over 20-years at this point. I know the mentality; I know the loss and I really know what it’s about. I know the joys of it. So, the overall message is like, you shouldn’t be a gang member. Some of the most powerful men have loss their lives. It didn’t matter how many of millions of dollars they were worth. How many millions of lives and fans they impacted… this is going to happen this way most likely. I’m just trying to keep it a buck with them like my, OG’s did for me.

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