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O.G. Cuicide Continues His Crusade on Raising Suicide Awareness and Shares His Message of Hope with New Visuals – “Know My Pain”

O.G. CUICIDE continues his crusade on raising suicide awareness and shares his message of hope with new visuals – “Know My Pain”

O.G. Cuicide is here to inspire others that life gets better and that suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better. The Compton-based rapper born Darnell Price has built an ongoing 20-year music career on addressing the seriousness of suicidal depression to the community, thanks to his second chance at life as a suicide survivor himself. To-date, O.G. Cuicide continues to use his music to promote the cause, and is back with another powerful visual “Know My Pain” where he lets others know the pain they’re experiencing was the same pain he also felt, and while there is pain, it comes to pass and there is also redemption and relief.

In order to fully understand the character and nature of OG Cuicide, his history must be explained. We all have seen movies and heard music depicting the lifestyle and Hip-Hop culture which emerged from the West Coast. More specifically, areas such as Compton and Long Beach have been the birthplaces of new genres of music and fashion. The movie; Straight Outta Compton is one such example, that has given us a glimpse into this colorful history. Super iconic stars were born there: Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre a, d Eazy E. just to name a few. Many of us have seen documentaries discussing the culture, the emergence of huge gang networks such as the Crips and the Bloods. Through the past three decades, much of the behind the scenes history has been exposed. The artist’s motivation, the overwhelming desire to create fashion, music and movies that would express being part of that culture. It is necessary to consider the confluence of circumstances; political, social and economic realities from which OG Cuicide emerged.

OG Cuicide was dramatically impacted and influenced through his exposure (both good and bad) and being involved in all things we associate with Compton, California through such movies and music. Darnell Price became known as “O.G. Cuicide”, his contribution to music, movies and media was cultivated through his direct experience and relationships. O.G. was blessed to be part of this rich culture and be taught the business by legends in the industry. It is an amazing story that needs to be told.

Struggling to survive and overcome violence and poverty is a common image seen in movies and music about those who live in Compton. For West Coast rapper Cuicide, it’s all just a part of his life.

He’s dealt with hardships from the moment he was born, from having been abandoned by his parents at only eighteen months old to having to make it through foster homes and more upheavals. With no place to truly call home, he took to the streets and their offers of gang banging, robbing and hustling, but even that failed to calm him and eventually lead to an attempt at taking his own life at the young age of 22 years old. He thankfully lived through that and woke up out of a coma with a renewed sense of determination to make it. Just two years after the life-changing brush with death that spawned his rap name, he signed his first record deal and recorded his debut album “Final Exit.” The album reflected his life before the coma, including constant living on the edge and opened the door for his future in music. Since then he’s released a second album, toured across Japan, France, and Germany and taken up acting.  The struggles haven’t stopped, as he’s been shot twice in the last four years, including in the stomach by an AK-47, but through it all, he’s developed a desire to never quit.

Now O.G Cuicide is the executive producer and creator of the One West Movement and brand. The album single release; Never Give Up is a testament to this man’s career and all things that embody this brand. Songs such as; I’m the Reason, Diamonds from the Bantus, Barewith Me, Death by Association, Triple Death, Neva, and Keep It Gexpress and underscore the mindset, determination and perseverance
O.G. has shown throughout his life. Working with rap artists RBX, Bad Azz, K-Bar of 5 Footaz, Warren G, Spider Loc helped pave the way for the music careers of Swoop G and AD.

After 20-years in hip-hop, it would be questioned whether the OG is content with his contribution to the never-ending movement. He says it has made him even more eager to crusade on and continue to promote the message through his music.”More eager now then I was 20 years ago,” OG says. “Back then, I was still in the streets, I was still a part of the streets, and I was still in the street life activity. So I thought a different way than I think now. Now I have a desire to show people how I made it through the struggle how I succeeded after my suicide attempt.”

OG’s work goes far beyond his music. As an activist, OG Cuicide routinely does public speaking events and open forums promoting suicide prevention throughout the community. He also provides his personal number, available to call anytime, to anyone in distress for someone to speak with and offer up the motivation to stay strong and never give up hope.

“Looking back on my life from the past until now I never gave up and know for sure there is a God and I’m here for a reason,” Cuicide reflects. “So to the world I say no matter what you’ve been or are going through you can make it. Always remember OG Cuicide told you never give up.”

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