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Published on May 22nd, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Silentó Returns Center Stage With New EP, ‘Silentó Mob: The Doctor’s Exclusive’

Silentó has returned center stage with  his new EP “Silentó Mob: The Doctor’s Exclusive.” This project features 5 tracks and opens with “Cards,” the insightful lead single on which he sings and raps about traveling around the world, seeing places he never thought he’d see, and resonates the message of the song’s title, i.e., you’ve got to play your cards right to achieve longevity in the entertainment business. At a young age, he didn’t always play his hand right in the industry; but the resulting adversity led to the entertainer honing his craft and heading up his own music group. Now 21 years of age, Silentó comes with a new sense of humility as an individual.

As for the music, it’s obvious that it’s like air to the internationally renowned  “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” artist and we have it on good authority that he’s got about 200 new joints in the can ready to be unleashed to ignite the resurgence of his global domination. Why would we call it domination?! Perhaps it’s the more than 3 billion streams of his 2015 breakout hit which literally swept the globe.  His upcoming solo project will probably be supercharged by the release of a slate of singles to show he’s not playing around and has much more to contribute to the game.

The new EP is a good start to show he’s got good music and a better understanding of what it takes to keep the positive motion in life as well as in business. While there’s no earth-shattering single on the project to be totally honest, it’s a respectable announcement of his return to center stage and fair warning that he’s got his *ish together and things will only get hotter and soon!


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