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Published on May 4th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Souls Rest – from_the vault

New singles from Souls Rest’s new Hip Hop/RnB EP, “from_the vault” tell uplifting stories of love and Hope.

The Hip Hop/RnB band is based in Vancouver, Canada, and consists of vocalist/producer a.son and rapper abide.n. Their latest release; “from_the vault”, is a 6-song EP that fuses live musicianship with electronic production, and tells uplifting stories of love and hope.

Souls Rest is intent on bringing fresh new tones to mainstream Hip Hop, RnB, and Soul music. Direct, lyrical dexterity is coupled with catchy RnB hooks—the result is relevant, melodic and candid music. While the group draws upon their love of classic hip hop and soul, they remain driven to create a unique and memorable “souls_rest” soundscape.

This EP will remind us of what we like most about classic and contemporary hip hop & rap music.

Souls Rest is currently completing the last few songs for their next album release set for later in 2019. “Close Enough” will feature songs targeting the mainstream Pop, Hip Hop and RnB markets.

“these shoes”

The idea for the track ‘these shoes’ came out of a.son’s passion for fair trade. Basically the idea that the workers who make the products we buy, deserve to be paid a living wage. #fairtrade

“We wanted to write about the fact that as consumers, the way we spend our money has consequences. When we stop to ‘put on the shoes’ of people who are working to make what we eat or wear, we realize the need to make an effort to buy from ethical sources.” souls_rest

“small triumphs”

“We wrote this for the women in our lives who are a constant source of inspiration. The song is driven by the idea that it is often the smallest, most under celebrated actions that make the largest differences in our lives. These series of ‘small triumphs’ over adversity result in a metamorphosis from seed to flower and caterpillar to butterfly. The women in our lives mirror this journey—acting as an inspiration for us to aspire to greater things.” souls_rest


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