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Published on May 6th, 2019 | by Hype Editorial


The Æther releases second studio album ÆTHEREAL

2018 saw the release of the award winning eponymous debut album from hotly tipped singer, producer and multi Instrumentalist The Æther, and after spending time in the studio experimenting, he’s back at it with his second album ÆTHEREAL which was released March 29th.
The cinematic second offering is significant due to The  Æther ‘s haunting, unique voice, a rare multi-instrumental ability. and an evolution of the signature ethereal ‘sound’. It’s the sound of an artist evolving – sonically, lyrically, emotionally. album that steps out of the cloistered space of his past music into the world around it.
ÆTHEREAL was written and recorded in the UK summer heatwave 2018 (remember that?) and unlike the sparse, abstract, deeply uncommercial assemblages of frail, introverted, yet soaring vocals, electronics and piano heard on the debut album, by contrast on ÆTHEREAL we hear a transformation from dark to light, from melancholy to iridescent euphoria, and an exploration of the roads to mental health and happiness.
We hear the influences from the pop music world, Niles Rodgers guitar funk, James Blake’s electronic soul and Daft Punk/Phoenix excursions into discotheque designs, lo-fi down tempo and the incorporation of elements of dance music subgenres.
Elsewhere on the album My Bloody Valentine, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Portishead and Prince are also all reference points that permeate this album of sleekly propulsive songs unified by a simply unique voice. Lyrics explore the questions of meaning and identity, the personal. ÆTHEREAL is an optimistic record, underscored with hope, resilience and a love of life.

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