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Published on May 4th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


The Sweet Kill release heartbreaking video for “The Girl Who Kissed The World Goodbye”

The Sweet Kill have released a heart-wrenching music video for their single “The Girl Who Kissed The World Goodbye”. Along with the release of their heavily anticipated LOVE AND DEATH EP, out today, the LA-based project led by Pete Mills has also presented a little extra for their fans in the form of a music video for the single “The Girl Who Kissed The World Goodbye”.

Directed by Jamie Mitchell and featuring artist Hypnatic (AKA Natalia Valeska) and of course, Pete Mills himself, the video as the song does, portrays the painful emotional journey related to being in love with someone and slowly losing them to the throws of addiction. The video starkly depicts how we feel the loss of a loved one a long time before we actually lose them forever.

Perhaps emphasizing the theme of duality, that is, love and subsequent loss, the music video is depicted in both color and black and white. Moving back and forth in the timeline from the good times to the bad, the video depicts the haunting devolution of a relationship, finally lost to the grips of addiction. This subject matter has been present in The Sweet Kills work before, the topic being close to lead singer Pete Mills heart, having himself overcome life as an addict. The video is a visceral and befitting visual interpretation of a deep and intense track.

Check it out for yourself below:

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